Other puzzle Grand Master games possible?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by taitovlx, 12 Apr 2020.

  1. We all know a lot of players playing TGM is because it allows one the chance to become a Grand Master at something. We play it because it is fun too. If it did not have the ranking system and it was called something else, there would be less players.

    Was thinking that the same thing could be done for other puzzle games. Like "Columns The Grand Master" or some other skill and luck based puzzle game. Granted, you would need a dedicated and skillful team to make it happen, like the one that worked on the TGM series. The format has already been established with TGM though.

    I'm not an expert on puzzle games. What other games could this work with?
  2. Muf


  3. Hadn't heard of that, thanks. Creating a new puzzle game does not seem like the best approach because the market is flooded with puzzle games and people would rather play something that is proven and familiar.
  4. It's not exactly completely new, though. Jewelry Master is basically Cleopatra Fortune: The Grand Master. Also, I think making an original game was in response to not having complete freedom to making new Tetris: The Grand Master games; it was at least a way to make a new tetromino game.
  5. Was not aware of Cleopatra Fortune. Makes sense why they might have made Jewelry Master. Part of the reason for this question was because it does not seem like there is much for the TGM series left. The formula has been pretty much perfected between TAP/Ti. They can change the graphics, sounds, etc, but it is arbitrary and redundant. Would be nice to have a PC/console port/version though with higher resolution, leaderboards, etc. but even that is not necessary.

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