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Thread in 'Competition' started by boblaze, 21 Oct 2013.

  1. I think we need to start to have some semi-regular (monthly/bimonthly) online tournaments. Would their be a way to do this so that if there was a cash prize, we could fully trust the outcome of the tourneys?
  2. It would be tricky I think. Cash prizes incentivize cheating. I think it's possible but likely to be difficult depending on the type of Tetris. Versions with an existing online component like Tetris Friends or Tetris Axis might work. NEStris would be possible but only with a lot of setup/rules.
  3. I am down for some online far ad money goes it'll have to be on a trust basis if everyone Jess a Paypal account we could pay each other like that...maybe we start with a small 5 dollar buy in....???
  4. i like this idea but would it be handicapped or something? i know i dont want to lose to you guys constantly and have to pay for the privilege. :p

    i would be willing to trust people, too, especially if they are all known to me, and i to them.
  5. terry... your one of the best players out a tournament setting i think you would be just fine.....
  6. Oh woe is me, I've only gotten a 850k! ;)
  7. awww shucks... stop flirting. :wub:

    OK you've convinced me (even if you are simply buttering me up to get my $5)...

    any idea who is gonna organize this? i know ben did in the past. is he lurking here, and if so, can we convince him to get back to work planning/plotting/promoting these things?
  8. I think you got that the day i couldnt even hit 230, hahaha. But I am very much in support of this idea!

    I think once a month would be a good idea, we just need to take a poll to figure out when the best time to do it might be.

    Perhaps we could do this form i just made and share it.= to get a solid idea on best time, then go from there:

    And remember... Due to Cali always kicking our butts Pacific is still tetris standard time. maybe once we win we will change it to Central ;)
  9. thanks, ben (mullen)!

    and speaking of cali vs the rest of us...

    did we ever get a final tally on who came out on top? i am sure chad (muse) and matt (bucoooooooooooooooooooo) pulled their weight and made it close.
  10. they made it closer, but it still wasnt close, i dont think. I havent sat and calculated though. Also there is a retroactive and future competition of EOO vs Not EOO, i will need to calculate that too.
  11. I had noted in a different thread that I'm willing to help organize and plan, though I'm hesitant to go along with the $ component of this. I think trying to do that online and without a real structure/governing body (yes, I'm serious) gets a little, um, tricky. I do have some faith that self-policing could be successful, but, in the end, I can still see that all going bad since we're dealing with people so spread out and on unverifiable hardware/software configs.

    That's just my 2 cents, and I can be talked into going along with the idea, but I think the conversation has to continue. Also...I know hardly any of you know me and what I'm about, but I'm not trying to get in the way of anything. I think the community is great and I just want to make sure that things are in place to protect everyone if money is going to be involved. ;)

    On a different (ambitious) note, I had also started developing a league structure. I had been thinking about matchups/tournaments on a bi-weekly/monthly basis, a point system for wins or placing, a playoff at the end of a season, and a championship. With a league structure, we could even go with east and west divisions, helping to alleviate scheduling conflicts. Obviously, it would give us an east vs. west final, which I think could be interesting. That also implies that we have a somewhat even distribution of folks in each division, but that can all be sorted out.

    Some of this is hinged upon, if not streaming, guaranteed taping of rounds that can be submitted for verification of performance. Again, I hadn't even planned on involving money, but just giving it a shot to see how it goes, with maybe growing it into more down the road. The taping and submitting later is funky when you're talking cash, because someone can always just record a round at any time and then be like, "Oh, yeah, I just did that!" :sneaky: If this is a profit free venture, I'm inclined to give less of a shit if someone tries to cheat the system.

    Thoughts? Am I crazy? (Don’t answer that…)
  12. BDCowe- great scott you are doing all the work for us! sounds wonderful! i actually agree about the money- let's not do it. i also like the more structured approach- it may even be a test run for future tournaments...
  13. I was commenting on Terry trying to take a shot at himself for not being good and needing a handicap and me bringing up that he has an 850k.

    But yeah, I kind of did dominate you guys hardcore that day. B)
  14. I wouldn't care if money was or wasn't involved, but it is going to be the key to getting some of the other people that aren't such Tetris nerds to actively try to show up for it. Ben can attest to how easy it is to get people to a tournament...
  15. Frank and I felt the burn trying to drum up interest for Geek.Kon, so I feel you on getting people involved. When you say "other people," what are you thinking, exactly?

    I'll say this much: Having multiple conversations with some regulars (some drunken "rah-rah" conversations, as well...), it seems like there is interest in trying to establish a slightly more inviting format, helping to grow crowds/participants. I don't know Robin, and I could be wrong in my assumption, but if we end up moving toward this idea, I think he could have some insight into this sort of thing, given what I think were his (and others?) entrepreneurial efforts with EoO/CTWC.

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