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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Raxa, 20 Jan 2016.

  1. Hello, totally green to the video/arcade world here...

    I've spent countless hours with cables, adapters, and searching through the forums with no luck. I purchased a TGM1 PCB, a smallcab supergun delux, and a small atx power supply. Using the supergun, I am able to get sound directly out of the input jack, the coin button produces a sound every time it is pressed as well as when the demo kicks in, sound is fine. The supergun has a SCART output connector, I purchased a scart to 3rca with s-video connector like this:
    Hooking up a male to male yellow red white to both the adapter and my current televisions, on a number of different set ups, leads to a blank screen with no sound. However, it is recognizing the input as the tvs (32' Vizio and 65" Vizio, using both an hdmi adapter and straight plugging into the tv inputs) are designed to shut off when there is no input detected. I have an old crt computer monitor that I used a VGA with to produce the same results using the direct wiring available on the super gun of rgbsync/ground. Each device recognizes the input but will not display anything.
    One device that was suggested was this:


    Any help is extremely appreciated as I'm going a bit insane trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance!

    Cheers, Raxa

    EDIT: For some reason when I have the yellow red white cables plugged into my tv and attempt to attach the vga connections at the same time, the picture begins to display, it is very faint and black and white, but it's something...
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  2. Alright, let me try to explain it from the beginning. I'm a little drunk so bear with me here.

    SCART has pins for multiple types of video signals including RGB (as well as S-Video and composite), and the problem is that you're trying to use a passive breakout adapter to connect your TV to the supergun which only outputs RGB. However, even if you do something like what you tried to do with the VGA connection on your TV, that wouldn't work because 1) you'd have composite sync instead of separate H/V sync like the TV is expecting and 2) most modern TVs and almost all VGA-capable PC monitors don't scan below 31k over VGA while TGM outputs at 15k (240p/480i). Essentially what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that right now you have no displays that are capable of displaying TGM's output, and even if you did you don't have the right connections. There's a few routes you can go down to fix this:

    1: Pick up an old ass regular CRT
    You'll need a regular CRT ideally with S-video and component input, a JROK video converter, and some way to connect the RGBS output from your supergun's SCART output to it. This will produce decent quality output and you'll have no lag whatsoever.

    2: Pick up a Sony PVM CRT
    These things are fucking awesome. They are old broadcast monitors that handle RGB signals and they generally look beautiful. In order to use one you'll need a Sync Strike and a VGA to 4-BNC (RGBS) cable.

    3: Use your LCD with a Framemeister
    The XRGB Mini Framemeister is a scaler that will take your SCART video (OVER A SCART TO JAPANESE RGB ADAPTER), more or less laglessly upscale it, and output it over HDMI. These things are not cheap, so make sure you don't melt it by plugging in the SCART cable directly to its RGB input. Japan has an RGB cable that shares the same connector with SCART but uses a different pinout; if you plug in the SCART output from the supergun directly it will blow up the Framemeister. Don't do that. There is an adapter. The picture quality will be great but your TVs are probably laggy as hell and that will result in a less-than-stellar gameplay experience.

    Anyway, there you go. I hope I covered it all! Maybe when I am less drunk I can elaborate. Whew!
  3. Muf


    If you're fine with a black and white image, use one of these:
    And hook up the green and yellow plugs to this thing:
    And then plug that thing in the yellow plug of your TV, or if your TV has component in, in the green plug. If all is well, you should have a ghettotastic black and white image (with the I and S piece pieces showing up as near black and complete black respectively). :awe:
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  4. The easier, I think, is to simply find a TV with a SCART input.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the input guys and holy crap Kevin, thanks for the long reply, I really appreciate the effort in helping me out! I will look further into this when I get home, but in short, I also would like to make my set up awesome, so I'm planning on building a caninet myself with stained wood and a mounted monitor, depending on what monitor I can get to work as well as in cabinet joystick/buttons. The other thing I am still a bit unsure of, but I'm sure will become easier once I get this working, is the ability to stream it, eventually. And it sounds like I may have to get the more expensive converter for that, unless the JROK converter with the 2vga ports will allow for split output that I could capture somehow? I know I'm asking for a lot of help here, I just haven't ever touched slightly more advanced video compinents. Thanks again guys. Will post tonight if I have anything else to add.
  6. Muf


    If you're planning to build a cabinet, definitely get an RGB-capable CRT. Like Kevin said, either a PVM or an arcade monitor.
  7. For some reason I just assumed Raxa was in the US as it would probably be trivial to get a SCART TV in Europe. Dunno if you knew but in North America it's more or less impossible to get a TV with SCART input as we never had them and basically got shafted when it came to picture quality for many many years. That's part of why PVMs are so desirable here; they're basically the only RGB low res monitors we've got.
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  8. I've streamed (TGM1, will maybe get back to you on TAP after my supergun is fixed) off of the standard JROK by using composite video to my CRT and S-video to my Elgato. Picture quality was great, though the Elgato added a delay.
    if you want to see how it turned out (and see my first GM exclamation)
  9. Okay, home now, going to do a quick run down, but first, thank you guys for the advice/help, truly appreciate it.

    With regards to the Sony PVM you mentioned Kevin, am I looking for something like this or like this? If so, I've never seen that kind of connection before but I could (hopefully) figure it out.
    I think I will invest in the JROK v4.1 as it seems to output component, composite, and s-video directly. This is the other option I was talking about with the two VGA outputs, however, I'm not sure if the description means it is only compatible with higher resolutions..

    You are correct in assuming that Kevin, I'm in the US. And definitely seems to be the case where I'm at, ordering something online or trying to make a deal with a local bar-cade are my only real options.

    And to JBroms, yeah, that video output looks great! Thanks for the example, and nice GM! By standard JROK do you mean the v4.1?
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  10. Yes, it's a 4.1. The image looked a little odd on my tv for whatever reason but the s-video capture was flawless. It also looked pretty damn good on my tv, though there was a bit of a fuzzy effect that I just kinda tuned out after a while.

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