NumPop, a mathematical puzzle game

Thread in 'Other games' started by DrPete, 29 Apr 2017.

  1. hello everynyan. This seemed to be well-received on IRC, so I thought I'd post a thread.

    I made a puzzle game. You pop pairs of numbers to gain as many points as possible in the number of turns provided, but you can extend your game by popping pairs that sum to 10.



    L E A D E R B O A R D
    Oliver            682
    DrPete            467
    FeV               396
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  2. <OliverTC> 682
  3. FeV


    I guess I might as well post my 396, if we're keeping records here. Pretty neat game
  4. zid


    I personally, with absolutely no intervention from a greasemonkey script that I wrote which clicks all the buttons for me, got 3954.

    EDIT: I win, 12,139.
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