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  1. That's part of the beauty of it. NES is "portable." Chances are your cell phone can emulate it. Your DS, your PSP, your Game Boy Advance, your PC, your macintosh, your Xbox, your Wii etc etc etc. I even know of an NES emulator for a DVD player. My laptop can run NES games at 60 FPS. I can't say the same for NullpoMino.

    Sure the hardware is redrawing, but that doesn't matter for this discussion. The NES PPU basically does the exact same thing every frame, and doesn't affect what the main CPU is doing at all. If you don't update it, it takes 0 CPU time. Much like how if you never blit or clear the screen or swap frame buffers, it takes 0 (or at least very nearly 0) CPU time. It's the worst case scenario one has to optimize for which is having to update everything. Whether you're on an old console or a badass PC. But you know this.
    Okay. We just a thought. I probably will still make something old school for fun at some point.
    Indeed, this was how this line of conversation got started.
    That's cool. The best solution is one where I don't have to do anything. ;)

    One day, I'll just buckle down and polish up the endless Tetris game I have sitting on my computer. I want to make a Tetris game that has modes that aren't out to clone anything, and that forces people to learn ARS and is easy to get started with because of few modes and a total lack of or well hidden options. (Like NDS_TGM except it doesn't clone modes, just ARS) Ramble, ramble...

    Well, Zaphod77, yes. The C64 may be able to do TGM. Are you going to make it? The old school console discussion isn't too useful if actual games aren't going to be made. Or if they won't be useful if they actually are made, like my hypothetical SNES/Genesis game.

    SYN7HOR started it to say a that there's no reason why a modern Tetris game should be CPU intensive and I agree, but discussing it further if no games are going to be made isn't useful. (Yes, I know. I've fallen into the trap myself)
  2. K


    is there a shortcut to directly watch the last played game directly from the result screen stat, or must we only exit and go through the root menu ?
    good thing btw we can switch off "invisible" for phantom during replay..
  3. Nope, there is not. But it should be the last replay on your list (unless you have a few saved by names starting with letters or 3-9).
  4. I implemented time statistics for every player on
    Now we can actually see each week / month: who is the most active on NullpoMino?

    The stats are tracked seperately for actually playing Multiplayer (more than 2 people seated in the room), Singleplayer, and as a bonus category: just loyal idling / spectating

    Let the competition begin! :awe:

    also new, the room list:
  5. I'm still fairly new to Linux, and since I'm sure others might end up benefiting from this, I'd like to share it.
    Getting this to work in 64-bit Ubuntu:
    Note: None of the commands listed with quotes around them should be typed with the quotes.
    1. Download the program for Linux (NullpoMino#.#.#_linux.tar.gz <--where # = whatever the version number is at the time you download it)
    2. Extract the contents to a folder called "Nullpomino"
    3a. Hotkey Alt+F2 to open a "Run Application" window and type "gksu nautilus" to start File Manager as root (enter your password when prompted)
    3b. Navigate to where you extracted your files (this should be /home/<yourusername>/Downloads/Nullpomino)
    3c. Cut the Nullpomino folder, then navigate to /opt and paste the Nullpomino folder there
    3d. Hotkey Alt+t to open a terminal window and type "cd /opt/Nullpomino"
    3e. Once you're in that directory, type "sudo chmod +x play_slick" and enter your password when prompted
    4. Now, in the same terminal window, type "sudo ./play_slick" to launch the game.

    Extra: If you'd also like a shortcut in your start menu (gnome menu), create a shortcut of type "Application in terminal", name "Nullpomino", and command "sudo /opt/Nullpomino/./play_slick".
  6. I downloaded NullpoMino but I can't get my controller to work for it. It is a logiiteh controller. I set it up the same way I do with any other games I use the controller for, but when I launch Nullpo it doesn't recognize that there is a controller there at all. Any ideas?
    • In Options > Joystick Setting, can you set Joystick Number from Nothing to 0? If you have multiple joysticks, you'll have to select the number corresponding to that particular device.
    • If that doesn't solve the issue, try changing the setting for Options > Joystick Setting > Joystick Method. I've had the best success with LWJGL.
  7. Thank you! That did the trick :D
  8. How do I get ranked points in Nullpomino? I go into the netplay, play some games, get some points, and when I come back later, I am back to 1500 again. Am I missing something??
  9. Are you using a tripcode?
  10. Probably not since I don't know what that is.

    Edit: Also, when I first log on, there is a message telling me to patch something with some "jar" file to improve online play. I have the file and don't know what to do with it though. Is it necessary for play? Seems to play pretty well, no lag or anything that Ive noticed
  11. Ask xlro, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you haven't noticed anything.

    A tripcode is basically like a password, because we don't have real accounts in NM 7. You can enter them at login:


    In the lobby, you will notice you now have a random hash appended to your username, which means it is successful. Now, the server will save stats for that username and tripcode combination. Don't lose your tripcode!
  12. Nobody is on and playing right now for me to try out, but now I look like some other names I have seen! Looks to be working! Thank you!
  13. The "lagpatch" I made is not a requirement, it just disables Nagle's algorithm, which improves the responsiveness of field updates you and others see in Multiplayer.
    If you want to use it, just overwrite the NullpoMino.jar you find in your NullpoMino directory.

    Side note: I brought the netplay server ( back up - it was down the last 2 days.
  14. I'm also playing nullpomino but it seems that I can't play it via lan I keep on wondering why? any idea why?
  15. If you have a server running on a machine on the network, you should be able to add the machines local IP and connect to that. If you're running the server on one of the player's machines rather than a dedicated one, I think the player running the server needs to connect to localhost.
  16. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    Hello. Sorry for long inactiveness. I had lots of trouble with my real life and still cannot get back to NullpoMino. In addition, I suddenly lost access to my Google account ( probably due to the increased security measure of Google. I had long random password so the account hack is unlikely, but still Google decided to delete my account. My secondly e-mail that was used for password-reset feature no longer exist (the company terminated its e-mail service in 2014) so restoring Google account is not possible (and by extension, the Google Code page cannot be updated anymore).
    I'm sorry for all of this.
    My new e-mail is currently You can also still contact me at (nullnoname)

    EDIT:I have some code of my abandoned project "nm9" in GitHub. Not really a playable state aside of "testbed" GUI. Please feel free to fork it.
    Last edited: 25 Jul 2015
  17. I think someone on HardDrop forked NullpoMino and might still have access to the code.

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