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Thread in 'Discussion' started by nightmareci, 5 Aug 2009.

  1. I've converted all pages in the wiki using the {{pfstart}}...{{pfend}} templates to the new <playfield>...</playfield> parser extension. I've created a help page here based on the page for Template:pfstart. The old templates are now deprecated, and the new parser extension should be used in all pages from now on. The only pages that should continue to use the old templates are Template:pfstart and User:Tepples/pfrowtest, as they their usage of the templates was as a way to either show usage of them, or to test them out.
  2. That's pretty sweet, thanks for your efforts.
  3. SRS colours only?
  4. Just for now. Keeping SRS as the default will ensure all the existing fields operate as intended. I'm thinking of adding features to the parser extension to allow selectable playfield themes, i.e. <playfield theme="sega">.

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