Not Tetris 2 - Best stacking strategy?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Omio9999, 8 Jul 2016.

  1. ...Yes, I'm evil enough to talk about this game.

    I also don't know if Not Tetris 2 talk would go here, or in Other Games, since it's an interesting take on Tetris, but done in a very unorthodox way, and allow me to elaborate;

    1) Lines clear once they're around 90% full.
    2) The matrix supports a little over 10 blocks wide.
    3) When lines clear, there's usually a little sliver either remaining or lost of the previous pieces.

    The result makes for very awkward stacking, and I wanted to open the floor on stacking ideas.

    Also, part of why I want to improve. I want to beat 10K.
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  2. Zaphod77

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    is how it's done.
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  3. Zaphod77

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    What i take from the video. attempt to make a tower on the side wall. tower it up as high as you can, using sideways motion to shove pieces into place. this will make a solid base to stack against. try and make a big two wide tetris hole, and then jam pieces down it, taking advantage of delay to get in a good 5+ line clear. yes if two is in a row show up you can try to slam both in for the octris. you need to decide when to go for singles and when to stack big. i know there's no way i can possibly replicate this performance.

    Downstacking is, naturally, very useful.
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  4. What the hell. It looks like playing a normal game of Tetris at times. That's seriously messed up. :sowsuser:

    I'm kind of impressed and think slightly better of Not Tetris 2 as a meme game, but still feel like not even I have irony levels sufficient to play it. Either way, thanks for the video link, it was very enlightening. :V
  5. I love everything about this game

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