NorCal TGM1: San Jose State University Bowling Center Arcade

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 15 Jul 2010.

  1. Planning on going sometime soon, but don't really have anyone to drag along with me. Do they have Technika/DDR/IIDX/InitialD/anything else that would entice someone else to come with? xD
  2. I might miss a few, but here is everything else they have at the moment off the top of my head:

    DDR SuperNova
    DrumMania V3
    Pop'n Music 14

    Capcom vs. SNK 2
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (2x)
    Street Fighter IV
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    Tekken 5

    Puzzle Bobble 2
    Puzzle Fighter

    Time Crisis 4

    Initial D
    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

    Air Hockey table
  3. I thought Silent Scope was there. And is Point Blank gone?

    Also, SJSU has Initial D 3rd Stage, unless they changed it over summer.
  4. Ah yeah I think Silent Scope is still there. Point Blank 2 may still be there but is out of order from what I recall, which is why I left it off the list. Guity Gear XX is also out of order.

    EDIT: No neither of those are there.
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  5. Argh, I need to find some place to upload the pics. Finally got them off the camera with Vista (I hate their camera wizard! It won't let me choose which pics I want to copy).

  6. just select "open folder to view files" and then copy the ones you want...?
  7. Muf


    How about Dropbox?
  8. Posty posty :D


    p: name of site in caps. :sneaky:

    Warning: I think it's in high-res.
  9. Muf


    Cool, thanks! Looks like the art worked out really well in print, especially the marquee. :D
  10. Is it possible to view without registering?

    I'm an idiot. :) Also that shit looks damn fine for a woodie cab.
  11. I played on that cab before but kitaru peer pressured me to stop putting quarters into the machine. shame on him.
  12. (โ—”โ—กโ—”)
  13. I love that description. Engrish-esque and at the same time very understandable and succinct.
  14. Much of the instructions flier was re-edited from the English translation of the attract sequence hidden in the ROM. :)
  15. :p

    Oh, for a moment there, I thought you were talking about my descriptions for the photos. :confused:
  16. Just for fun, a list of some of the main visitors to this machine:
    [GM] Kitaru (AJK)
    [GM] DDRKirby(ISQ) (DDR)
    [GM] CrazedRevenge (CRZ)
    [GM] Jerycho/freakwithfire (BCN)
    [S9] RayAyanami (REI/LEN)
    [S5] JohtoKen (ARU)
    [S2] Miki (MKI)
    [S1] ? (MJT)
    [2?] Monte (???)
    [2?] Chopin (CHP)

    I've seen a few other recurring players, but I'm less certain of their top grades, initials, or preferred aliases.

    Also, this is a notice that it is entirely possible that this machine will be upgraded come next semester. My savings have sort of accumulated to the point where I'm within striking distance of a TGM2+ PCB, so it is entirely possible that I'll bite the bullet over the holiday and purchase one. It's a somewhat frightening prospect, haha.

    For my Bay Area buddies: would this be a worthwhile purchase? Would you rather I hold off for TGM3? (Should I stop being a madman and save my money?) I'm trying to gauge which would be better to install if we may only choose one. Both open up the possibility of simultaneous play without changing board settings, so that is a major plus. I think No Items in TAP is one of its advantages, as is Doubles -- despite the bugs. On the other hand, I've spent a lot of time on TAP and wouldn't mind an opportunity to improve at Ti-style. Also, -- as much as I hate to admit it -- World+Easy probably gives entry level players more time for their money. However, TAP Normal may be "kind" enough compared to jumping right into TGM1.

    In closing, I'd appreciate any news regarding PCB sales and auctions as I approach the funds necessary to move forward with such a purchase.
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  17. my name should totally be up there =( Will get my GM rank soon *shakes fist*. maybe beginning of winter break.

    You know how much I utterly love Death mode, so if you install TAP you know you can count on...a helluva lot of quarters being sunk into it whenever i go (which is not as often as you guys, but i'm telling you, I loooove death mode). doubles mode is also fun, as mentioned. At the same time I wouldn't mind TGM3 either, though it would obviously require me to learn some weirdo things (hold? wtf?).
  18. Maybe I should have just made a main visitors list. :) In fact, EDIT magic! *woosh* I will count your GM even though it wasn't made on this specific machine, no worries.
  19. I'd be fine with TAP, really. There's two arcades in the US with Ti, but none with TAP anyway.
  20. that's a good point. =O

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