New year's resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Qlex, 17 Jan 2016.

  1. Sounds good, I guess I'll live in the Texmaster void until I am reborn :p
  2. 2020 [tetris] goals
    -gm on tgm1
    -death 500
    -doubles 300
    -qualified s1
    -maybe get a cab
  3. failed my only 2019 goal :: G3_TERROR S13
    G3_TERROR S13

    the g2_master m is very likely too hard for me in that interval.
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  4. 2020 Tetris Stuff:

    TGM sub 10:15
    TGM 20G sub 10:30
    TAP learn M-Roll (GM when), sub 8:20 M
    Death GM
    TI Master, Shirase: git gud

    learn more secret grade
    attend Eindhoven
    learn using a stick so I don't derp out in Eindhoven
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  5. Attending Eindhoven is always a valid goal. See you there. ;)
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  6. ❓Sega 500k - Not even sure if I got this or not. I played a bit trying to maxout, still not super close.
    ❌A GM in another mode, like rev or mono
    ❌Learn TAP Master - Barely played it
    ❌More Tetris Plus speed run attempts - Didn't play once lol

    I got some good PB's in 2020 though, so I'm happy. This year my goals are:

    - 11:30 TGM1 GM
    - Sub 12 20G GM
    - Complete Sakura ALL 100%
    - Shirase s3
    - A good secret grade score in Ti for TA.P ;)
  7. no

    2021: both tap GMs
    dont care about green or orange, getting those then gonna stop playing seriously
  8. It is a bit sad coming back here, as this goal obviously failed. A least I could organize 2 small Tetris Meetings at my place before lockdown hit.

    And I hit Death 500, even improved my time to be into reach of beating 3:25 somwhen in the future - something for a long time I considered way to hard for me to even try.

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