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  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    ONLY ONE : To be the first Western TI MASTER sub 5min.
  2. Buddy I've got some bad news for ya...

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  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You are the one who will suffer the most at the end..One day you won't have anymore strong rival.
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  4. d00d r00d
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  5. one down, one to go
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  6. @Oliver and I beat TAP Doubles. So that's something to tick off of both of our lists! :D
    link to thread
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  7. it's 2019 time baby
    • 9:45 (normal or 20g or both)
    • secret gm
    • M
    • something good in death
    • don't play it very much
    • play it
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  8. TGM1 - ❌12:05 down to sub 11 (I have the speed just need the execution)
    TGM1 - ❌Rev GM, ✅20G GM, ❌Mono GM
    ❌Death 500 (PB is 350)
    ❌Clear doubles with my girlfriend

    This year i got a few 20G GMs, big mode lv300, learned some guideline openers and tspin setups, and had a ton of fun playing tetris alone and with friends and family.

    I met some of the tgm crew in Seattle and CTWC. Thank you Kevin and Zach!

    I wrote about Tetris on my website, and got some positive feedback :)

    I contributed to and the tgm page on wikipedia.

    I played way more versions of Tetris that are likely untouched today.

    My tetris collection keeps growing thanks to my christmas presents this year and help from Kitaru, thank you!

    My goals for 2019 are:
    Sega 500k
    A GM in another mode, like rev or mono
    Learn TAP Master
    More Tetris Plus speed run attempts
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  9. i did this. i dont have anymore tetris goals
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  10. i forgot this part baby
    in progress
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  11. 2018 Goals:
    ☑ Get a proper recording setup
    ☐ IIDX Chuuden
    ☐ TAP Death Western Record

    Other 2018 Accomplishments:
    • TGM1 3rd place (GM @ 09:25)
    • TGM1 20G 3rd place (GM @ 09:09)
    • 0.3 seconds closer to the Death Western Record
    • Realized I really don't like playing TI unless it's Easy mode
    • BMS Insane 3 Dan (newly minted!)
    2019 Goals:
    ☐ IIDX Chuuden
    ☐ TAP Death Western Record
    ☐ Stream?
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  12. TAP Gm in 2019. it's gonna happen.
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  13. 2019?
    Actively streaming to Twitch
    NES maxout before 2020.

    Also, I should cut back on cigarettes. *sigh*
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  14. 2018 goals:

    ✓ 800 in death (GM)
    ✓ 30 seconds into the M roll (TAP) (~35sec)
    ✗ Left hand one handed GM in TGM (did the right 2017) (I was lazy and didn't try)
    ✓ See how far I can get through doubles on two different inputs (stick and keyboard) for different hands, no idea what to expect (~250, ~250)
    ✗ See what levels can be the finishing number for a secret grade. The smallest is 53 (done in 2017), and without thinking about it much, I suspect the answer is every larger number for specific sequences of tetrominoes (lazy and barely thought about it)
    ✗ And why not an M in TI master, I can fail that again (tried a little, kept failing the 600 cool)


    I've thought for this for almost a month now. This may be the first year I post goals I don't actually achieve.

    1. TAP master GM
    2. Death 4000+ series.
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  15. Still have to play more, managed to get to 400 in death once, and close to clearing TAP, but it wasn't good enough.
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  16. Muf


    2020 goals (Tetris related ones, at least):
    - Get my Blast City monitor chassis swapped before the old one craps out and takes the monitor with it
    - Update TC's forum software
    - Get a TAP PB (literally any PB, haha)
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  17. didn't play much from april to october for... various irl and other reasons. hoping 2020 will be kinder so i have more time to
    • 9:45 (normal or 20g or both)
    • M
    • something good in death
    • don't play [Ti] very much
    • play [naomi]
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  18. Currently in holiday overseas but when I return I will begin my TGM3 grind for the year. I have lots of smaller goals, but only one major one for now: play an S9 Master game.

    Currently I am qualified at S4, but I've begun averaging S5 and recently broke through the barrier to S6. I feel the hurdle into Levels 1100/1200 is almost overcome :)

    Ambitious maybe, but isn't that what TI is all about?
  19. if you're trying to learn shirase 300/master 1200 the best way to get used to it is just to really push yourself and aggressively manlock it until it clicks and you get used to it, even if it just ends up immediately killing all your runs for a while (yes i'm being serious lol, it's how i learned death 300+, shirase 300/master 1200, shirase 500+, etc)

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