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  1. I think too many players have accomplishments like TAP GM or Shirase S13 on keyboard for that to be the case! :D

    I got TAP GM on a PlayStation controller, albeit with a slightly modified control scheme. Maybe someone should get some achievement on a DDR pad or fishing rod or something, really set the record straight on what controllers are "impossible" or not... ;)
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  2. I don't think I posted last year, but I definitely had goals I wanted to reach. I wanted a Death M (current PB 500 @3:26:88 ), and a bit of fading practice. I wanted to get all my ST's to less than the recommended times by Amnesia in the competition thread, and I almost did it. If anyone has watched my stream, you'll probably know I struggle with awkward G a lot, so the only section I haven't achieved this on was 400-500.

    I didn't think I'd get a chance to play TI, but I've done about as well as I expected there. Surpassing expectations in Shirase (500, well off torikan though).

    2017 objectives:

    • 700+ in Death (ideally GM, no less than an M though otherwise I quit (not really))
    • Sub 8:45 master
    • Master in TI
    • Hopefully get close to or beat the torikan in Shirase.
    • GM secret grade in TI (hopefully in TAP as well and then I'll try TGM)
    • Get an M1 secret grade in Shirase
    • Get an S4 secret grade in Death
    • TGM one handed GM
    • If I can get another stick, a solo doubles 250, 250 (not likely to get another stick though)
    • Maybe do some work towards my that end, see if there is anything about the combinatorics of tetris I can say (count the number of ways to get a secret GM is something interesting to me for example)
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  3. Muf


    Let's be ambitious again.

    - Death 600+
    - Master M
    - New TGM1 PB
  4. I hope it was obvious that I was being facetious :p I'm well aware that many of the fastest Tetris players (namely 40L sprinters) rely entirely on keyboard, and it's really obvious to me why it has the potential to be faster than any other control method. But it definitely does feel "impossible" to me.

    As with most other things, though, it's a question of habits. If all you've ever used for Tetris is a keyboard, that's probably what you're going to be most comfortable with.
    I'm still gonna challenge @LeonardChallis 's statement though - I don't think you'll be awful with a joystick. I think it's a really surprisingly intuitive input method that clicks almost instantaneously, and the TGM games in particular are clearly designed around it in a way that just works. Trying to use a joystick with a typical PC Tetris game with zero entry delay, etc. is probably gonna feel a bit more clumsy though.
  5. My goals:

    -Meet the conditional offer from Cambridge (it's not extremely hard, but I still don't want to miss it)
    -TGM clear with whatever grade
    -build a joystick
    -overall play less awful than I currently do (S4 in TGM is not really awesome)
  6. Yeah in all seriousness when I finally do get a stick after I get a PCB I'll be giving it some serious time! It'll be an interesting experiment at least.
  7. Well this year had a good start and a difficult ending.

    Finish the translation of EoO => NOT DONE
    Specialu thingu => NOT DONE
    Memorization techniques => NOT EVEN CLOSE

    TAP :
    Big mode 20g 300 => Uh no
    and the rest => Still no progress aside from that Death run and an Orange GM!

    NES Tetris PAL :
    Clear twenty lines in level 19 => Nope
    Reach 600,000 => Not at all

    NES Tetris NTSC :
    Level 18 transition at 500,000 => Still no

    TGM 3 :
    Road to GM => Nope, just MK
    Shirashi donburi => im ded

    DTET :
    Stil nothing on the horizon

    TGM1 :
    Sub 9:45 => Looking pretty good with 9:35!

    For this year, the list will be simple :

    Normal WR
    TI GM S13
    Rev mode GM
    Item mode 9:30
    Easy 1000+
    Death PB
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  8. Normal WR as in "TAP normal mode WR" ?
    That would require an almost perfect run with a bravo somewhere in it, that's... ambitious :)

    Since I've beaten my record, new 2017 goal for me: Tap Normal mode 500K+ :)
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  9. Special Ti clear

    e: but without like cheesing it or whatever to avoid the speed increase
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  10. FeV


    I think I'm going to make a revision on my goals for this year. They weren't ambitious enough.

    TGM1: sub-9:40
    TGM1 20G: sub-9:20
    TAP Master: sub-8:00 orange GM
    Death: sub-5:20
    Ti Master: provisional MM
    Shirase: S11

    Here's hoping I can even meet one of these! It's gonna be tough.
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  11. Goal met, on the real Ti to boot!
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  12. Late start in the year for me, but…

    TGM1: Reach 999
    Death: Reach 500

    Hopefully I can tackle those before the year's end.
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  13. Halfway there. I consciously reminded myself to not try and go heavy on DAS during 300 and 400 and to stack up as if it were already 20G, which worked out pretty well. I'm worried I use too many taps that wouldn't fly on a stick, though. I've been trying to not use more than two if I can help it, but I wind up using three or more a lot when I'm sliding down the stack at the higher gravity levels.

    As for Death, I can pretty confidently make it to 100 each time, but the jump in speed even at that point feels kind of crushingly fast and I end up locking my piece or calculating the next move just a little too late a lot of the time.
    Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.28.21 am.png
  14. we're about halfway through the year so lets reflect
    not quite
    yes and yes
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  15. I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose it. I've been slacking off like crazy in the TGM department since the London meetup. Doubles should be easy enough though.
  16. if i can beat qlex after 2 months of playing on stick you can beat me
  17. nani
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  18. vega 2016
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  19. I also have been slacking on my goals a bit, but I did get Rev Gm which wasn't on the list, so it's something.
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  20. Doing decently so far! Halfway through the year and I hit 2 out of 5! 2.5 if you count getting the WR with both TWF AND KAN as more than one! :p
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