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  1. 9:30, 7:30, 5:30, 5:00, 4:30.
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  2. Last year I got the TGM GM I wanted, but I didn't quite get the Death 300 that was my stretch goal.

    For 2016, I want a sub-12 GM (which should be happening any day now), an S8 or higher in TAP Master, and Death 400. I'll worry about TGM3 when I get both my M's.
  3. Happy new year, everyone!

    So, how'd we do?

    TAP master M:
    didn't quite make it.
    Fastest S9 is at 9:30, fastest clear at 9:11.

    TAP Death M:
    July 13th.

    Starcraft 2 masters:
    Diamond 1. Just short.

    I didn't list anything for TGM1 but I just recently made a sub-11 and my 20g time is down to 10:37. Both down over two minutes from the start of 2016.

    All in all, I'm very happy with the progress that I have made.
  4. I got my TGM1 sub-12 at the Seattle meetup with the GDQ crew. Just this week, I finally started getting sub-12 times regularly, although I couldn't manage to do it on stream. My goal for 2017 is sub-11.

    Also just in time was my TAP S8 last week. My 2017 goal is S9 orange line.

    I fell short of my Death 400 goal, but 377 is pretty close. I'm aiming for about 450 in 2017, or maybe even an M.
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  5. Well, I didn't actually post goals, but I was 1/3 on hitting what I was aiming for:

    - TGM1 GM: Got it.
    - TAP Death 500: Nope.
    - TAP M: Stuck on S9. Nope.
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  6. oh yes
    yeah but im still shit
    500; torikan sucks
    lol no
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  7. No
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  8. Did my first clear of TAP in 2016, but to be honest I don't feel like I've improved at all this year. I haven't been practicing much, and when I have, it rarely gets me anywhere. My PB in Death is still the one I got at last year's Carnival. If I don't manage to break 400 before he next one, I'll probably be stuck at this point forever.
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  9. Managed to get a 999 this year, no where close to a GM, but I do have the speed for GM,

    so 2017 is GM,
    death 300
    alpha release my new tgm game
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  10. FeV


    I didn't put any goals down last year but I think I would have met them for the most part.
    If I don't disappear then 2017 goals should go as follows for myself:

    orange TAP gm (with at least sub 8:10 hopefully)
    under 5:30 death gm
    TI master MM (provisional)
    shirase s10

    and if I ever feel motivated enough, sub 10 tgm1.

    Happy new year.
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  11. So we're co-opting this thread for 2017?

    Done, done, and done! Squeezed the last two in during December, phew.

    So close, I'm just missing the Sudden TI S13.

    • Got nowhere with Go, put it on the back-burner.
    • I started playing IIDX in May and I got 8-dan in November. Now I'm starting to clear 11s, but I feel like the next wall is gigantic.
    • Got nowhere with musical instruments / music composition.
    All in all for 2016, I feel like I should've invested more in skills that, you know, normal people would actually be impressed by, but I had fun.

    • 2017 Goals:
      • Get a TGM1 Board + Sub-9:40 GM. (Low priority)
      • Sudden TI S13
      • TAP Death GM < 5:30
      • TAP Master GM < 7:50
      • IIDX 10-dan
      • Musical instruments and music composition (again)
    • Streeeeeeeeeetch Goal:
      • Be able to savor the glory of a TAP Master/Death Western Record
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  12. K


    pffiew... i was checking and no 2016 objectives.. a good way to success.. i'll keep that way for 2017 ;)
  13. TGM1 GM: done
    Eindhoven: done
    regular inviting a friend to play doubles: done

    2017 goals:
    doubles clear sub 6min
    TAP Master sub 10:30 clear
    Death 450
  14. [​IMG]
    And here I was thinking every TGM veteran had that at the very least.
  15. K


    d'oh ! don't you know we have a very specific specimen like that called Amnesia... :V
  16. Well, I got the TGM1 9:30 (down to 9:23 now). Everything else still eluded me, with a 7:35 being my fastest in TAP Master and 5:57 in Death (although that was on January 1st ;) ). No new Ti time updates; not even a month of play in Japan could salvage that. I did come EXTREMELY close to beating the Doubles world record with KAN, which I am very happy about.

    Honestly at this point there's not much left for me to do, and I feel like I'm just picking up the remaining pieces and closing out some "plot lines" in my TGM history. In 2017 I'm hoping I can do:

    - Sub 9:20 TGM1
    - Sub 9:00 TGM1 20G Mode
    - Beat Qlex's Death GM
    - Sub 5:00 Ti Master
    - Doubles WR with KAN or @TWF (or...@MaryHadALittle ?!)

    Overall I feel like for a long time I tried hard to push the game on the world and with our breakthrough from AGDQ 2015, I think we really all finally managed to spread the word about TGM and put the game in its proper place in popular gaming knowledge. With the subsequent performances at GDQs (and the media appearances I made in 2015 and 2016), I think we're there at last.

    All I really want in 2017 is for someone up-and-coming to crush some hardcore long-standing records. At this point I'm very close to my theoretical limits, but maybe one of you on this forum is nowhere near your maximum potential. Nothing would make me happier than being beaten by some fresh blood.
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  17. Definitely made a difference! Though I don't see a lot more people actually picking up the game and playing it for real (I know a bunch of the currently active users in here only came around after the first AGDQ, but I'm talking on a wider scope), I definitely feel more "at ease" when I talk to people about TGM nowadays - like it's accepted as [one of] the ultimate form of Tetris that people recognize from GDQ, as opposed to some weird curiosity from Japan that is only played by Japanese "robots" in 144p videos ripped from Nicovideo.

    I'm still fighting to get an actual TGM board on a public location somewhere in Denmark. It's an uphill battle, but I'm sure it'll happen at some point. Would be a great way to reel in new players.
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  18. Adapted my old post to show what I've got in 2016:
    I haven't really put effort into 20G mode, maybe I can do that this year.

    Goals for 2017:
    -TGM 20G: GM
    -T.A. Death: M
    -TAP Master: level 999 ∧ S8 or higher
    -Clear Doubles with someone
    -Work on my "true solo doubles" TAS
  19. -- My goals for 2017 --

    >Sub-11 GM1
    >TAP M grade
    >Death 800+
    >Ti just start playing again and reach the MX grades
    >Orange S13 I know I can do it.

    >Finally meet up with @nahucirujano since we both live within 20km of each other and I want to get some TGM going with someone in the flesh.
    >Continue getting involved in the community and hopefully start changing my hardware and software to get a bit more legit.
    >Get that Coda All Zones in NecroDancer. That's my other gaming Holy Grail for me.
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