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  1. Hey everyone.

    I know we NES players have a problem finding NES controllers that are still in good condition. There is a small, but really cool video game shop where I live in NYC called Video Games New York. They have a large stock of unused OEM controllers (PAL, so they are compatible with NTSC consoles a well). They sell them for $25 - so they are reasonably priced compared to some ebay listings. I tried to prod where they got them from, but they wouldn't say. I bought 2 myself and they passed the feel/smell test (they smell new).

    Just a heads up, I am not affiliated with these people in any way, so I hope no one flags this. Just trying to help my peers out :) . I asked them about shipping out of state, and they said to call and inquire. The controllers are probably not listed on their site as well, so you will have to specifically ask about those:

    Hope this helps some of you with worn-out pads! Feel free to ask me any questions about the controllers I bought. I'm more than happy to show you pics of them, etc.
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  2. Great! I guess I'll start with asking some pictures of the things, as well as ask about the shippings.

    I did try a few things with the NES controllers that Muf gave me (thanks again btw) and the down direction doesn't seem really cooperative, for some reason. I feel that it's like a regular thing since I have seen other videos with players experiencing the same weirdness with going down, so I'm wondering about how newer controllers are holding up.
  3. Hey Qlex!

    So sorry for the delay. I got swamped with work and lost track of things.

    Take a look at these pictures. This is my second one that I'm keeping wrapped up. As you can see it has the NES-004E stamp to indicate, um, Europe? I think? Regardless, that's the PAL stamp. It's in pristine condition, as was my other one. The screwholes are completely clean, and the screws themselves don't look like they've been tampered with. I have not unscrewed either of mine to check the pads.

    The only blemishes I can see is on the input plug. It looks like there are a few scratches on that plastic, but then again, that's one of the only pieces exposed. Obviously there is no box (other than the plastic one, which comes with it), so I'm thinking many of these were found wrapped up in some manufacturer warehouse sitting ready to be boxed? Who knows...

    The only issue I've ever had with the controller is that I very rarely I get an unresponsive A flip. But I've also set all my current PRs with this controller, so yeah.

    Any other questions, let me know! :)

    IMG_4732.JPG IMG_4733.JPG IMG_4734.JPG IMG_4735.JPG IMG_4726.JPG
  4. Hmmm I kinda want to order one. I have no idea how they would ship outside of America, but I guess I might inquire soon enough

    EDIT : Also I can't access the website, am I alone in that case?
  5. I am able to access the website. If you want, the website has their email listed as - hope this helps!
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  6. Do you really have a hard time finding good controllers? Last time I had @Svavar over to play some Tetris at my place he was bitching about the controllers as well, and I spent like 5 minutes cleaning each of them, and now they work exactly as new!

    Just screw them apart (regular philips screws) and clean the contact points on the PCB, should be enough to do the job. Not sure exactly what did the magic for me, as I used both isopropyl on a q-tip and a flux pen (normaly for soldering purposes) before wiping it clean, but as far as I know, a dry paper towel may even be enough. There were a lot of tiny loose fragments from the buttons covering the contact points, so that is most likely the case 90% of the time with controllers that have seen a lot of use.
  7. It's pretty easy to find controllers, and there are probably a bunch that are still in really good condition. It's not necessarily a matter of being clean and working, but a matter of the rubber pads being good.

    After using the same controller for a long time, my pads get so busted up that the button doesn't even press anymore - it's permanently depressed - specifically the directional pad. I've found modern replacement pads to be not quite the same feel either, and sometimes they just don't respond as well. This could totally be me being picky :)

    Although I can say for sure that there is nothing like opening up a controller that no one else has ever used before - free of 20 year old Cheetos dust, soda, and body oils. The smell of a new controller is also quite something as well ;)
  8. So.. did you try cleaning them? :p

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