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Thread in 'Discussion' started by MarioThePhenom, 19 Jan 2012.

  1. so some of you my know me from other sites, but for those of you who dont, im MarioThePhenom,

    nothing really to say, im 15, new to this site, been playing for a year and a half almost, so i know my material :p
  2. Muf


  3. Come on dude, be nice to the new member ._.
  4. pfft, muff, what a guy
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You have a stock of this muf ? Just want to know if you always have the appropriate one at the good moment.
  6. what do you mean by that?
  7. Ayo Mario, welcome to TC. :)

    I recognize your name from HD, but I'm not familiar with which games you play. Are you into any 1P or is it mostly multi?
  8. haha i feel this comunity is mainly TGM, based on the select few threads ive looked at

    im mostly into multiplayer, but i strive to become good at both of the aspects of tetris, multi and 1p, i feel like the skills i learn in lets say TGM help me in multi
  9. Yeah, after the TC.Com close, the TGMers revived it with TC.Net and Blink went on to create HD which picked up a multi/guideline focus.

    Cool that you're interested in learning a variety of things. :) I think having a broad range of expertise helps you understand the overall game at a deeper level.
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    ha ha you are excellent. :D
    No don't worry that was a sort of little sarcasm, because 1,5 years is maybe under the average here. And also you had not specified the type of player you are. Then I laughed also when I saw the post of kitaru, who quickly switched to a more conventional exchange to shut off the sarcasm..
    Welcome !
  11. Sup Mario, glad you could make it over here to the birthplace of NullpoMino in the west from HD. ;) Enjoy your stay!
  12. mat


  13. Shit, I've been playing for 5+ years and I still don't know my material :(
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Shit, I've been playing for 7+ years and I am dominated by the guy just above me.:(
  15. Hey, I wouldn't say that right now. I can barely crank out an 8:45 S9 most games in TAP now, and I can't even get death M. I think my days of domination are over, unless something radical happens soon!
  16. COL


    Nevermind, you practice two days and become the champion again as usual ;)
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You are definitely passing a weak series.
    You should know it happens at a regular frequency for everybody..
    Last 2 weeks I was unable to reach more than 350 in TAP MASTER..
    I was in a vicious circle of missdroping/getting furious...

    And yesterday it came back with 3 M between 8:00 and 8:04..
    3 shitty M ROLL...

    Your quest is not over, I started to play at 20 years old and had a strong curve of improvement until 25.

    So you still have nice perspectives..
  18. yea, i realized im a fairly young player player compared to alot of you, even on HD, but dont be fooled by my age:p

    and glad to see some familiar names, as for kevinDDR, best tgm3 player outside of japan, and he says he sucks, woow, what a good title to have though

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