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  1. Hi everyone! I’ve been playing Tetris ever since I was little, but I really got into it a couple years ago when I watched the first GDQ tetris block. This started my obsession with TGM, and reinvigorated a passion for puzzle gaming that I’ve had since I was little. Currently Ive started playing more frequently , now that I’m out of school I have more free time after work, and am currently grade 6 qualified in TI master mode. I’m playing on my laptop with an emulator, but I also use nullpomino to practice. I have a cheap mayflash arcade stick that I got when I first got into TGM that I’m planning on modding with a Sanwa stick and buttons. Currently I’ve been hitting a real roadblock right around level 300 where I just can’t seem to place pieces correctly. Either because I can’t keep up, or the game just feels to slippery. Any advice?
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  2. For the stick, I do not know the exact version you own, but maybe my video helps to mod it:

    300-500 is probably the hardest part of the game to play consistently for most players. You might want to learn 20G first and then apply those tactics there. You can either use the 20G code or use Death/Shirase.
  3. Thanks! That’s exactly what the guts of my stick look like! I’ll get cracking on 20g practice!
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