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Thread in 'Discussion' started by PetitPrince, 4 Jan 2015.

  1. ... so, what's new ?
  2. Muf


    Not much actually, most of what I'd planned to put in the site relaunch didn't make it in. So basically all we've done now is moved to XenForo, with a new (but familiar) design.
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  3. RIP blue theme, you will be missed.

    any plans for a theme that doesn't cover the entire width of the monitor for those of us that like to run the browser maximized?
  4. i love it. amen. and thanks (we needed a new look)!
  5. Without trying to sound intentionally negative, I have to say I find the new colour scheme to be quite hard on the eyes - its SO luminous! Blue was MUCH nicer on the eyes, making reading and navigations easier overall.

    Oh well, I am sure I will adjust in due time...maybe I just dont like change XD

    - Jono
  6. It doesn't really strip out much of the luminous green, but there is a Tetrisconcept (dark) theme in your user preferences. Personally I think it looks kinda naff given it only seems to change about half of the page, but it might help you.
  7. That's actually a fair wack better. Thanks heaps for the tip :D

    - Jono
  8. What is there still to look forward to then, if anything? ETAs?

    Are we going to get a few more theme tweaks or options to choose from? Is the wiki being re-skinned to bring it a little bit more in line with the new forum look/colour? Are the "New" icons for new posts in threads going to get changed slightly so they're a bit more readable?

    Much questions :p
  9. I agree with you, it is so avertive. I hope admins do sth with the contrast.

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