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Thread in 'Hardware' started by FriedGoat, 6 Apr 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've got a New Astro City coming next week and I wondered what the easiest and cheapest way to get any TGM game (preferably 3 - 2 - 1 in that order) running on it with minimal frame lag.


  2. Congrats on buying a candy cab!

    TGM boards have gotten a bit picked over as of late, an unfortunate side effect of this community's expansion. TGM2 and TGM3 are particularly hard to find. Yahoo Auctions Japan (through a proxy service) seems to be the best place to locate one. Perhaps @Kitaru knows if there are any active auctions.

    In the past, boards were often picked up from Tops Game/Sophia Corp, but they currently don't have a single TGM game listed. (TGM1 is under Capcom, TGM2 under Psikyo, and TGM3 under Taito)

    That said, TGM1 is relatively easy to find. @Archina has some ROM boards for sale. £40 + shipping (from UK). You'll have to acquire a ZN-2 motherboard too, typically Street Fighter EX2 is the cheapest ZN-2 game. There's one on eBay right now for $210 shipped.
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  3. Hey thank you JBroms!
    I'm in the UK so @Archina sounds like a good bet!
  4. @JBroms Tops are currently selling TGM1 and TAP. However they're currently price gouging both of them (far too expensive for me to consider it an option.)

    Regarding TGM1 stuff though, I currently have 6 TGM1 ROMs yet no ZN-2s I'd be willing to part with (I have my personal ZN-2 and a broken one, yet I'm not going to sell that to someone. I have other purposes for that.) Though yeah £40 per ROM plus shipping (and a 4% PayPal fee if you go down that route. Though seeing as you live in the UK we can avoid that altogether and do a direct bank transfer.) PM me your postcode and I'll be able to get you a quote on shipping if you'd like to commit. :)

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