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    The retro bit portable (that's a nes on a chip in a gameboy ish case) appears to have a new Authentic Tetris Game that i've never seen before.

    the AtGames LEgends flashback has FAMICOM BPS TETRIS in it, and it IS licensed as well. (has the TTC logo on the box and everything!)


    1) why the #%$! does legends flashback have BPS Famicom Tetris in it, when it never had a legit license?!?!
    2) has anyone dumped the tetris from that retro bit box? i'd buy the handheld if it's dpad weren't total CRAP.

    oddly enough the legends ultimate arcade cabinet has Jaleco's Tetris Plus 2 (which is an authentic tetris game that follows sega style rules and colors). All sorts of older tetris games are getting licensed now!

    I'm hoping this means TGM can be?
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  2. 1: I have no idea why they picked that version. I do know that the legal screen has been replaced to match those of modern games, and that the controls have been changed (up and B now rotate, while down, A and C are used for hard drop).
    2: No idea, but it's definitely new, because it has guideline scoring.
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    does it have SRS, and StupidMarathon(tm)?
  4. I found another gameplay video and checked again, and it turns out I was wrong -- the scoring is not guideline. It's sort of guideline, in that the line clears appear to be in roughly the same ratio, but the values are different. Marathon appears to be fixed goal (I haven't seen anyone properly play yet though).
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    interesting i'd like to play this, but i don't want to buy the unit because it's dpad is crap.

    maybe it exists somewhere else?
  6. Famicom Tetris did eventually get an official license. You can see the revised version here:


    Despite that, Elorg has nothing to do with Tetris anymore, and if the TTC wanted they could've made this game official if they wanted to now.
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    an official JAPAN license. and now it's in a US product.

    true they DO own the code, since they WERE BPS in the past.

    another point. since ttc is willing to license that to atgames, as well as tetris plus 2 to them for their arcade cabinet product, which uses Sega colors and other Japanese rules... why not older TGM?!?! i'm pretty sure mihara would be happy to take money for including it on a plug and play or licensed arcade cabinet, if the performance was within original specs.

    and that license was from elorg to andromeda to mirrorsoft and them. andromeda/mirrorsoft/spectrum holobyte only had a COMPUTER license, and thus weren't really able to sublicense to a console, as i understand it. Atari tried the same stunt in the USA through tengen and got the smackdown because they only had an arcade license.

    sega got the japan arcade license, and atari got the us arcade license. but bloxeed actually did make it to the usa as an arcade game. and pretty sure it was properly licensed.

    oddly enough they couldn't get nintendo's nes tetris on because nintendo still had THAT license, but because famicom tetris was their own code, and they are the current ip holder, they could license IT out.

    for the arcade cabinet a world licensed arcade licensed tetris was taken. But pretty sure that ttc could relicense TGM or TAP.
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  8. Frank Cifaldi posted a full gameplay video of the Retro-Bit game, and it is indeed very "sort of guideline":
    * Line clears are 50, 150, 250, 400 times level. This is half of the amount in guideline, while the drop points are the same as guideline.
    * Randomiser isn't bag (three Js appear before the first Z). It looks more like a 4-history randomiser, in fact.
    * Lock delay seems to be very short, around 8 or 9 frames. Doesn't appear to have move reset either.
    * Level increases every 10 lines - but any extra lines beyond 10 are ignored, as in the goal system.
    I couldn't tell if full SRS was implemented, but the base rotations are the same.
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    Now if someone would just dump the rom so i can play it with a decent dpad. :)
  10. I'm more interested in who actually developed that NES game.
    EDIT: Turns out it was Shiru. Thanks. :)

    Yah, even if BPS Tetris wasn't licensed at the time, TTC is pretty much founded by BPS, so I don't see why they wouldn't regard that game.
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