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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. I got my first 600k!!! Long time coming!

    Name : Matthew Raul Addams
    Raul_1138 on Twitch and Discord.
    Just call me "Raul". Lol

    Country : USA.
    City : Clarksville, TN

    PB : 613010 level 18 start - 3 lines into 24 finish
    (Late game Tetrises did it)

    Date : 10/22/18

    NTSC Tetris : Played on hardware with a real controller.
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  2. This is my first post, but I've been following along on this forum for a while waiting to have a game / recording that I actually wanted to share. (I was also compelled to be a little less reclusive, having met so many of you this past weekend, and seeing the friendliness of the community first hand!) Originally, my plan was to take the rest of the year off after the tournament, but instead of being burnt out, all of that rarefied Tetris air in Portland inspired me to a new PB and my first 700k+ game. Here are the details:

    Name: David LeGendre
    Country: USA
    City: Tucson, AZ
    Score: 733320 - level 18 start; 4 lines into 25 finish
    Date: 10/23/18
    Hardware: My original, 29 year old NES console and cartridge, with a standard controller

    I have to apologize for the occasional choppiness of the video - the computer to which my capture card is connected is less than robust. : ]

  3. @DivCaste. That's a great score, bud! I'm glad you decided to share it

    @Kitaru Hey there, from what I understood, Mr. Louie Skouie was going to be working on updating the leaderboard, thus the format of my last couple PB posts. Is that still a thing he's working on? Just curious, as this was a while ago and I haven't really heard anything since then.
  4. 528.366 is my actual record here, done in Portland at CTWC.

    Got no pic directly from the score but I'm sitting there at #47 on the final qualification score table:

    Was the first time playing on an original console. Only got a NES Mini, which is actually a very bad Emulator. :rolleyes:
    Gonna take some time until I can try to improve my score because lv19 is unplayable on the Mini console.
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  5. Batfoy
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  6. NEW PB!!

    Level 18 start - Level 24 finish (7 lines)

    Post transition game play was the deciding factor. 425k transition. Year end goal #1 completed. I got my second 600k!
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  7. That was a fun game to watch. Thanks for sharing!
  8. [​IMG]
    Finally got a score I want to show off, PB raise by >100k and level PB as well. Done on emulator, level 18 start.
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  9. Very nice! Level 18 start?
  10. Yup, level 18 start.

    Edit: Thanks!
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  11. Big leaderboard update, had to input a couple of pages. :o Thanks to everyone for their submissions, and thanks for so many well-formatted posts with start/end levels + lines. :D Let me know if anything was missed or needs adjustment.

    If possible, it also helps a ton to get pre-max score/line and post-max line. I don't enter the fractional lines by hand at the moment, I just add those three numbers to a spreadsheet and let my scoreboard script calculate fractional lines.
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  12. Update :
    Name: Lastarot_Qc
    Country: Canada
    City: Québec City
    Score: 633856 - level 18 start; 224 lines lvl 28 finish
    Date: 11/04/18
    Hardware: NES
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  13. @Lastarot_Qc Got a weird 404 error where the link should be.
  14. I'll add the link later, doesn't seem to work right now
  15. Right On! I remember you saying that you had got the 633k.
  16. Yeah finally working ...
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  17. -JJ


    Name: -JJ (TerhoA @ twitch)
    Country: Finland
    Score: 603854 - level 18 start; 161 lines lvl 22 finish
    Date: 10/19/18
    Hardware: NTSC NES+CRT, original NES controller (it's one of Jani's old controllers he already discarded...good enough for me :D)
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  18. Level 18 start - 9 lines into 23 finish
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  19. Robin Mihara PB 868,980 (photo)
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  20. DLo


    All-time personal best is 825,000, but that was 25 years ago! I only just started playing again and so I feel it’s more fair to put up my current numbers. That said my current PB is 613,400, 156 lines into level 21. Thanks!

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