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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. 130 lines exactly. I had another Tetris lined up which would have taken me over 500k, oh well.

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  2. please help me with the math! Level 26 and 5 or 6 lines maxout!!!
    my guess is 26+5.3255555 (rounding?) 879 points before max, got a triple (8100 points in level 26), so this is my attempt at the math (879 points times 3 lines divided by 8100 points = 0.325555)
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  3. Its no maxout but it moves me on up a couple spots.
    New PB 540094
    Level 18 start - level 21 finish. 3 lines into 21.
    Been playing with my score taped out, so I had no clue till the rocket screen. Still hunting that 600k.
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  4. 978,425
    One tetris away from a maxout!
    Level 18 start and 5 lines into level 28
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  5. [​IMG]

    It's a little hard to see but that says 138 lines

    Ignore the Top score, that's not me
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  6. That top score is impossible to ignore. Lol

    547k still in lvl 19, very nice...I gotta make with the grinding. Lol

    568543. Level 10 start, 4 lines into 20 finish
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  7. *EDIT for Mr. Louie Skouie*

    Name : Matthew Raul Addams
    Fish_1138 on Discord and Twitch
    Raul_1138 on here, (just "Raul" is great!)

    Country : USA. Clarksville, TN in 4 days. (Marriage!)
    Currently : Western New York

    PB : 593259 level 18 start - 3 lines into 19 finish

    Date : 8/7/18 at 1:24 pm EST

    NTSC Tetris : Played on hardware with a replica controller.
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  8. 20180814_184552.jpg 20180814_184552.jpg YEEEEES!
    I HIT THE 600K!
    I did it on level 18, im so proud!
    137 lines too
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  9. Awesome Awesome Awesome!
    Big Congrats!!

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  11. @Raul1138 great job as of late! I am so pissed I didnt know you were in TN! I was living in KY for the last year or so and would have loved to meet up and play!
  12. Hey guys.

    I waited to get to 600k before I post here. New PB made yesterday on real NES, lvl 18 start (560k transition, lvl 22 finish)


    Edit : Link correction
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  13. Thank you bud! I just moved down here on the 11th of August. Before that I was way up in NY. If the situation ever allows, I would be honored to play some Tetris with you.

    ***Additional Thought For All***

    Hit me up. I'd be honored to play some Tetris with anyone who loves the game. Me and the wife are considering hosting a local mini tournament. Just saying.
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  14. I didn't realize I could submit scores here until now but here's my best score.
    961877 on emulator starting on 18 ending 2 lines into 28 (soooo close :()

    Tetris (USA)_001.png
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  16. Ok, I did it.

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  17. Okay that does it - I need to get my hands on a NES....

    228 lines on level 18 for a maxout

    Tetris (USA)_002.png
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  18. I updated 1.0M record: level 25 + 1.21
    (1.0M at 42:27)

    I think current top3 ranking is:

    Rank--Name---------------  Score -  Level - Comment
      1--Jonas-------------- 999,999 - 25+0.22 - NES (18) -
      2--jdmfx_------------- 999,999 - 25+0.73 - NES (18) -
      3--Koryan------------- 999,999 - 25+1.21 - NES (18) -
    Jonas's video:
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  19. I got my first 600k!!! Long time coming!

    Name : Matthew Raul Addams
    Raul_1138 on Twitch and Discord.
    Just call me "Raul". Lol

    Country : USA.
    City : Clarksville, TN

    PB : 613010 level 18 start - 3 lines into 24 finish
    (Late game Tetrises did it)

    Date : 10/22/18

    NTSC Tetris : Played on hardware with a real controller.
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  20. This is my first post, but I've been following along on this forum for a while waiting to have a game / recording that I actually wanted to share. (I was also compelled to be a little less reclusive, having met so many of you this past weekend, and seeing the friendliness of the community first hand!) Originally, my plan was to take the rest of the year off after the tournament, but instead of being burnt out, all of that rarefied Tetris air in Portland inspired me to a new PB and my first 700k+ game. Here are the details:

    Name: David LeGendre
    Country: USA
    City: Tucson, AZ
    Score: 733320 - level 18 start; 4 lines into 25 finish
    Date: 10/23/18
    Hardware: My original, 29 year old NES console and cartridge, with a standard controller

    I have to apologize for the occasional choppiness of the video - the computer to which my capture card is connected is less than robust. : ]


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