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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Played quite a bit of Witcher recently. Just now played some Tetris again. And choked so hard today. That was easily 550k. choked.jpg

  2. 213560 doesn't move me up a spot, but it does put me above a line.

    Played on SNES mini starting from level 18
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  3. New PB 443,898 at 128 lines from a lvl 18 start on an original NES console with a new controller.
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  4. Okay, since I actually passed someone, I'll post a picture

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  5. Almost choked the fuck out of this at 90 lines with 460.000 pts. Then had to do 20 lines of cleanup.

    Anyway, finally got the 500.000+. Now time to go practicing level 19 after I got over that plateau.

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  6. 27+4.82 and 113k points (and 237 lines) in a network battle with Koryan!

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  7. Seeing you guys makes me realise I probably play way too aggressively on 18. :D

  8. I broke 500k ! Level 9 start - Level 23 finish. 233 lines.
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  9. Finally 400k. Probably need to practice a bunch more of level 18/19 to get any further though

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  10. [​IMG] Hey all, heard about Tetris concept and their high score leader board for NES Tetris. The photo is my current PB, played on a NTSC NES and copy of Tetris, almost there maxing out!
    Level 18 Start
    Level 29 Finish

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  11. Slowly creeping upwards, just got a 466k game, not going to bother to post any screengrabs until I get 500k

    edit - 488k, blew it
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  12. Got over 600K!


    Felt like a good time to enter this leaderboard.
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  13. I gave my PB a good bump up. Max at level 25+5.79. Too bad I wasn't able to carry through with the game towards level 29, could have been big.

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  14. My my, this was very though, my first 400k and first time in level 21
    I started in L 18 so i'm very proud 20180616_160411.jpg
  15. New PB!
    I hit 500k! And level 22 (not in the same run sadly)
    I think it was a maxout pace, but I top out early in level 19, so I don't really know
    I'm very proud tho 20180701_012507.jpg

    Edit: yeaaah boi, started in level 18 but AGAIN early top out, practically 570k woohoo
    Now my goal is that 600k

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  16. On an lvl 18 start, 507k at the lvl 19 transition is the bare minimum (about 60% Tetri and 13.3% each : triples, doubles, singles) for a max out before the "kill screen" at lvl 29. 507k or better = maxout pace. Mostly.

    Also, Welcome! Nice score there.
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  17. Level 18 start, 137 lines, NES
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  18. 138 lines, 381220

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  19. jumpin on the NES bandwagon


    started at like 17x lines :p sorry

    edit: played on an NES
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  20. [​IMG]

    Level 18 start. Emulated score but one that I shouldn't have much trouble reproducing on my NES.
    Level 19 is basically a killscreen for me, don't have a handle on the DAS just yet.
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