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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. I appreciate it man. Next goal would be to concentrate more on level 19 speed and improve my start score there to something a bit more respectable. I also want to improve some of my other records, like tetrises in a row and transition scores just for fun.
  2. whatever you end up going for in the future i am sure you can do it. you make some great decisions (most of the time- lol) and can definitely max out 19. the other records (tetrises in a row and transitions) are more about getting the right pieces, not about being the good player... but of course it helps to be a good player. :) go for 19! you, bo, and svavar are now in a race to do it!
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  3. Thanks, I will definitely be trying to improve my 19 score, I have a long way to go to catch up to Bo's and Svavar's level for sure. I need to work on my endurance, its hard for me to play well for 230 lines at that speed. Im up for the challenge, but I have a feeling it will take quite a long time to reach that lvl 19 max level. Do you remember how long it took you to go from maxing from level 18 to maxing from level 19?
  4. 2 years for me. ....
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  5. :facepalm::\ Tough road ahead that's for sure.
  6. i maxed out 18 january 29, 2014 and the 19 on sept. 1, 2014. but then again i played A LOT.
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  7. Impressive turn around time going from 18 max to 19 max!
  8. Congratulations, Aaron!
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  9. Thanks Josh! Hows the Tetris stuff going for you lately?
  10. Congratulations man!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks Svavar, I hope to see you max level 19 start very soon!
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  12. I play every day for about twenty to forty minutes, because I am an addict. But my heart isn't in it anymore.ccxtttttt
  13. Well I for one hope you get back into it. I really liked watching your videos.
  14. huh
    started at lv9
  15. upload_2016-2-21_1-2-39.png
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  16. I've just got a lv 27 998k, lol. My best game so far...
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  17. And after that, I played non-stop until I could get my first max! Here it is, finally...

  18. OMG this is crazy........

    I tried another game just for fun, a couple of hours later..... and I maxed 27.... TWO maxs IN A ROW!
    And also my first two..... video incoming.

    (27+3.95... )

    (... third game ended 600k... )
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  19. Incredible Simba, you are a heck of a player!
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  20. LCK


    Holy shit dude, congratz!

    You are still playing emu right? If so you are the first ever to max out on emu, wich make it that more impressive.

    Edit: two in a row for your first max out, amazingly awsome!
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