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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    well... so it is the end. linked is my 18-5 submission. I had a very good week overall doing that on 18-5, a 19-0 with 7, an 18-0 no preview, a 9-5 with 4, and 4 19-3's with 1 (i speant the most time by far on that and had the least success).​watch?v=Wezq2ZWyhwI
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    814783 with 229 lines :biggrin:


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    Nice! Welcome to the 800 Club. :)
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    I forgot to congratulate you on one of the best weeks of Tetris I have ever seen. These are some totally ridiculous and awesome accomlishments :o
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    I watched Kitaru's DAS technical demonstration video, and I have a question:

    It looks like the only way to lose DAS charge is to tap left or right during active time. Is this true? If so, does it mean that essentially, the key to getting any kind of really high score is skill-stopping?
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    Yes, the only time DAS drops is if you tap during active time. Tapping is ok sometimes, but you need to know that means you have low DAS charge afterward. If you have an obstruction next to your intended placement, you can just tech recover. If the stack is low enough you can charge from zero on the next piece and still make it to the walls -- bottom four rows at Level 19 is usually safe iirc, but you want to be careful with moves to the left wall. If you're not sure that a placement near the walls is safe on this turn, it might be better to either make a placement near the center and tech recover, or charge DAS the normal way and be conservative with how far you toss it.
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    What's "tech recover"? Never heard of it before. A Google search brings up nothing.
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    Teching is a term I'm co-opting from fighting games. Technical Recovery or teching is when a well-timed input will allow you to avoid damage or recover more quickly from an attack (e.g. throw escape, land on your feet after being thrown, etc.).

    In NES Tetris, a move input toward an obstruction instantly maxes out your DAS charge. It's intended use is buffering slide inputs, but it can also be used to recover from DAS loss in general. I think the term tech fits well with the timed input -> momentum recovery and is a better than just calling it "wall charging" or something.
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    I'm not gunna lie... I actually dont know what skill stopping is :)
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    Skill stopping is when someone stops a piece that is autorepeating when it is in the column they want it to be in (as long as it isn't right up against the wall). This is because you generally need to stop it in a very short amount of time. It's not a move most people can count on; however, in games like NES Tetris where the autorepeat is slower than 1G, it's a little more reasonable to try it.
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    Zircean, given that we're talking about a 6 frame window as opposed to 1 or 2 frames, I think it's safe to say that it's not just "a little more reasonable" -- that's downright "consistently achievable" if I do say so myself. :p
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    oh thats all that is hahaha. I guess i do that constantly :)

    And yeah its MUCH easier on classic varieties than modern. I hae tried in on tetris friends twice, that was enough to cure me of the need to try again.

    Skill stopping in NES is the norm all game long in fact, but its easy enough on that version that i did'nt even think of it as a skill, more so something that just occasionally get "calibrated" wrong in my brain such that i throw half the peices 1 too far or short, making for a bad day here and there
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    It is somehow comforting to know that even Ben Mullen has trouble with this some days. Maybe there is hope for me yet :p

    I would love to retire from this game. I was thinking that maybe I would after breaking 800k. But I thought I would break 800 with a 550k transition and picking up a decent run after 19, but instead I had to break 800 with a low transition and picked up a pretty impressive 424k run after 19. So I look at that and think, wow--if I transition at 500k and pick up 400k after, that's 900, why stop now?

    And so the cycle is renewed.

    And of course after an awesome week of Tetris-- 2 games of 700k at around Lv24 and an 800k game--I suck once again. Bad. Can't seem to get more than 80 lines on Level 18, if I do get to 19 it is with about 250k, I die on Level 20 is terrible :rolleyes:

    But if it was easy, I wouldn't care about it so much :D
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    I'm just happy to be refered to as "even ben mullen" by a guy that beat me like a drum in live competition ;)
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    Congrats, dude. Infinite happiness on yo face.
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    pure brilliance, congrats!
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    Whoa! Major congratulations!
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    I didn't see you got the max out !
    congratulations kitaru, I knew you would do it :)

    now, question is: what is harder: nes a type max out or TAP orange GM ? ^^

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