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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. it just may, sir, it just may. :)
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  2. Great job David, would love to see the entire game if you have time to upload it!
  3. unfortunately I did not record the whole game....after my 18 & 19 maxouts , my desire to record dropped by about 99%. ...
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  4. oh ok, well congrats again on an amazing game!
  5. thanks Aaron. ..when are you going to jump up into the 900''s??? with your 600+ transitions it should happen at any time....just stay alive and get a few tetrises after 200 lines. ...
  6. Good question, lol. I just got a new controller, that seems to be helping with my precision. Today I scored a 814,335 (only a 485,255 transition), which is my 3rd highest score. That's an after transition score of 329,080. I had 229 lines and the stack built up for a tetris, but the long piece never came, so I had to settle for a 2 liner at the end.

    For a comparison to my other 2 higher scores:

    My after transition score of my 853,817 score was 324,940
    My after transition score of my 865,340 score was 306,140

    I get lots of 500k+ transitions, but 600k+ dont come often for me as of yet, I think I have had around 5 in total.
  7. cool...yeah you"ll eventually get the max i believe.... What helped me out a lot was trying to go for most tetrises in a row on level 19 without burning (my record is 12) have to be more risky on some moves, but over time you"ll balance those risky moves more efficiently.....just gotta put the time into 19 practice every day or every other day and eventually adapt to the speed while still tetrising at a high rate.......
  8. I saw your video of 12 in a row, crazy. My highest in a row on 19 is 7.

    I played NES Tetris when I was younger, but took like a 20 year hiatus. I started back playing 11 months ago. How long did it take you to get to the level where you could max?
  9. I started playing NES tetris in early 2012....finally got a crt tv that summer. ..then maxed 1 year later in 2013...took me another 2 years to max on 19...
  10. the only tetris I played as a kid was Gameboy Tetris....but I think the organizational skills stayed with me...
  11. 1 that's quick. I don't know how long it will take me, probably longer than 1 more month though haha. Do you mind me asking how old you are? I am turning 40 in less than 2 months.
  12. I am 32.
  13. AaronC: Just curious, are on the DonkeyKongForum as well?

    I've seen an aaronc on Ethan Daniel's stream. Just wondering if you're a DK player per chance
  14. That was me in Ethan's channel. I am not a DK player, I do have a multi game cocktail table with DK on it, but it's currently not working. Ethan is often in Supa's tetris channel, so I figured I would check out his channel. Ethan is quite the DK player, that's for sure, lol.
  15. Lowish 18 transition, but my 3rd highest score

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  16. Got another 800k+ score, this time a decent transition at 593k, but couldn't get much going from 19-28. I think I was playing too conservative. It took me getting 700k+ 13 times before I finally hit my 1st 800k. I now have 4 games over 800k. I hope it doesn't take me 9 more to finally get 900k.

  17. Mission accomplished!

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  18. Wow, congratulations Frank! Well played. What was your previous high score prior to the max?
  19. welcome to the maxout club!!
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  20. I was at 901k for quite a while.
    I was waiting for the day when a high transition would accompany a good run on 19.

    And you are right around the corner. I'll look forward to your announcement.

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