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  1. The maxout family gets bigger by the month :) Congrats!
  2. Code:
    Player---- Sub 19----- Level 19
    Thor------ 1/1/1990--- 7/24/2010
    Jonas----- 1/1/2003--- 4/4/2007
    Harry----- 4/19/2009-- 2/15/2011
    Buco------ 1/2/2012
    Alex------ 5/17/2012
    Eli------- 9/25/2012
    Ben------- 10/7/2012
    Quaid----- 1/22/2013-- 6/1/2013
    Louie----- 3/29/2013
    David----- 6/27/2013
    Chad------ 8/10/2013
    Bo-------- 8/29/2013
    Josh------ 12/2/2013
    Terry----- 1/29/2014-- 9/1/2014
    Jake------ 7/28/2014
    Chris----- 9/16/2014
    Jani------ 11/2/2014
    Dana------ 12/1/2014
    Kristen--- 6/15/2015
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  3. Congrats again Kristen! Ended the drought :) And two ladies in a row!
  4. Thanks Terry and Chad for updating the records and sharing the great news!!! Here's her max-out video on youtube:

    @Kitaru @Muf - if you could please update the leader board with this video clip that would be swell.
  5. new stuff from footoforion (another portland native)! 737,794!
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  6. My 8th max: Level 08 start. Figure no on else has a Level 08 start, so here's for sharing:

  7. Great game Joshua, I am a big fan of your play. I also saw that you posted up your 7th max, how much time elapsed between those two maxes?
  8. It was about 1 hour and 40 minutes between the the two B)

    The first one, the 18, was an accident, lol. Accidentally held the A button when I started ;)

    I've been pushing for a Level 08 max since July 3rd. I wanted to do something patriotic to celebrate the 4th (red, white, blue color scheme) and the Level 18 max had been done to death.

    I would like to note that Ben Mullen may be correct in his assessment that playing Level 09 (or 08 in my case) actually yields more "good attempts" at a max in an hour than starting on 18. When I play 18, I would say 4 out of 5 games end stupidly (like 75 lines in or wtvs). I would say only like 1 in 3 ends stupidly when I started on 08. And in either case, I give myself a 50% chance of surviving the Level 19 transition. Anyway, I feel like I was getting usually two or three runs into the 20's when starting on 08 in a session, where 18 only gets me one or two runs into the 20's during a session. (I play for about 45 minutes to an hour at a time.)
  9. 2 maxes in less than 2 hours is pretty incredible. I have been trying level 9 and level 18, and I agree with your (and Ben's) assessment. Although for me, if I play too much level 9, level 18 and 19 seems a lot faster after awhile. I am on the cusp of finally breaking 800k for the first time, I can feel it!
  10. Really nice game, Joshua! Neat to see a max come from such an early starting level. That high stack you had at one point absolutely terrified me though, even though I knew you were gonna pull through it. (Also were you talking to a ferret or something? :p)

    I'm slowly inching my way towards a decent enough score over here. The biggest problem is that I have slippery fingers, I think. :( I'm also still way too inconsistent for my liking but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere now, haha

    I do have one very important question to ask, though... do the colors of the pieces in this game make anyone want to go out and buy a bunch of candy!? Every time I play I get a maaaaadddd craving for some delicious candies. Some levels more than others, but still, hah. I can't be the only one! :D
  11. whoa whoa whoa. What's up with that pause? For all we know, you might have stopped to look up that T placement.

    :) that's awesome man - barely got it in the nick of time.
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  12. @Joshua L. Tolles - great game fella. Level 28 got a bit dicey with the stack and piece sequence but you lined it out for the max. Well done man!
  13. New PR on score for me. So close to 800k...I can taste it!

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  14. Nice job, Aaron. Looks like you had a bit of skill-stopping trouble on the earlier fast levels, but other than that, solid, solid stuff. Good job in holding it together to get into the high twenties, where you started cashing in Tetrises. I would have liked to see you go for Tetris or die trying with that last line, though, rather than getting a killscreen ;) Tighten up that skill-stopping and you'll be maxing in no time :D

    And from me, two maxes in three games. Level 10 and Level 11 are crossed off the list!

    I got the Level 10 max, and on the next game, I had a really, really good look at both Level 17 and back-to-back maxes. But a mistake on 24 left me stuck in the mud until Level 27 :( and I ended up with only a 900k.

    I shut off the NES and went to upload my video, once it started uploading, I went back to the NES and maxed Level 11 on my very next game!!!

    So I went 999999, 904244, 999999 in three consecutive games! o_O

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  15. Thanks for the feedback Joshua, I really appreciate it. You are correct, I had a hard time with that transition (as I do with many of them), and it took a while to get things under control. I started to get really nervous towards the end and wasn't keeping track of how many more lines until level 29. I was pretty disappointed that I didn't hit 800k, but I have been putting together some really decent games lately, so I feel its coming soon. My nerves have gotten a lot better post transition until the later level (26-29).

    Anyways, about your 2 out of 3 game max with a 900k in the suck, lol. I am looking forward to watching those videos! Your game seems to be at an all time high lately, amazing job! How often do you go through controllers? I recently changed controllers and all of a sudden my game got a lot better. I guess I had been using one that was worn out.
  16. Transitions: Terry strongly disagrees with me, but I say that the game will tell you what kind of game you will have during the 30 lines from the lest ten of 18 to the end of 20. If the game is nice to you, then go for it. If it is mean to you, shrug and go for triples until you hit the killscreen.

    Nerves: If you can figure out a way to stay calm, you would leap frog right over 800 and hit 900. You got the talent. Everyone goes through this, although there is no valid explanation as to why: you just seem to have to pay your dues before you hit the next achievement. BDCowe hates this notion. But it seems to hold true for everyone. You own 700 now, but 800 makes you shaky. A few improvements in, and you will own 800, but 900 will make you shaky. Then you will have to own 900 for a while before the max comes. Every step is different for different people.

    My game at an all time high: See "Transitions." Once I adopted this notion, I jumped from five maxes to ten in just a few weeks. Seven to ten in two weeks. I get a *lot* of "good pace" games that go into the high 700's and low 800's. I still have this over-shift problem that I can't get my head wrapped around. Been plaguing me for well over a year, probably close to two. That over-shifting kills about half of those games, and premature shifting kills the other half. The premature misfires are a nerve problem that should resolve itself, the more maxes I get. The over-shift is a real head scratcher for me. What happens is that the piece will move one place too far, and that extra shift occurs at the exact moment I let go of the button. Three different controller agree that it is not an equipment malfunction. I think I have a real solid frame count in my head, but apparently I am overlooking something there.

    Controllers: Funny time to ask. My current controller has been giving me fits for the last few weeks, but zero trouble today. I sort of like to have a controller that has a known malfunction...that way I know what to expect. The B has been giving me some phantom rotations lately. But really, if a controller starts to give me too much trouble, I take it apart and clean it up with electrical contact cleaner, and that sets it straight for a while. My real problem with controllers is getting angry and smashing them. I am on my third controller since I took up NES Tetris three or four or so years ago.

    I have really bad luck with "competition" controllers.

    You have super strong resume:
    Best score: 794,812
    Best lvl 18-19 transition: 638,917
    Best lvl 19 start score: 489,460 (233 lines)
    19-3: completed 4 times
    18-5: completed 4 times

    The 19-3 and 18-5 achievements really stand out. If you can do those, then you have all the skill you need to survive mistakes on Level 19. Try to keep in mind that the worst that can happen is that you will get "stuck" with clean up for two or three levels, but then you will be back on easy street. Once you hit Level 25, think, "every three Tetrises is 100k." Sitting at 700k on Level 23 or 24? Only three Tetrises over the next five Levels and you are at 800k.
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  17. josh that streak is fucking impressive. i am assuming you are coming back to portland again to show off in person too right? :)
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  18. Wow, lots of good info in there, thanks man! My nerves have gotten better lately, but they are still there plaguing me from time to time. I struggle with over shooting and under shooting often on the skill stopping. Some games are better than others. I have been taking the first 10-20 lines after level 18 transition to just get used to level 19 speed even if I feel like I can go for tetrises right away. I also have been a lot less aggressive on 19-24, opting to keep the stack down instead of going hardcore for tetrises. I have hit around 300k points post level 18 transition a few times, but haven't been able to connect it with a 500k+ transition, which I get plenty of. 600k+ transitions are very rare for me, I have 4 of those in total. I will try that controller cleaning thing out, I have a bunch of controllers that I have went through in a much shorter time than you.

    As for the B mode stuff, I went ahead and put together videos of the last 3 completions of each level (I already posted my first completion of each). I did not do these on the same day.

  19. Alright, after 13 games in the 700s, I finally broke into the 800s! I knew it was coming soon. Of course I got nervous at the very end (level 28 ) and messed up, but I still managed to make it to the kill screen. I am glad it ended up over 850k. I did 1 warm up game on 19, and then proceeded to play 18. Funny enough I didn't have the game sound on since my wife was watching (another) TV.

    Here is the video, please let me know what you guys think.

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  20. you're marching straight towards an eventual maxout....i remember these'll be a tough few months, but just keep practicing on 19 and you will get there.

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