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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. awesome game! loved watching it!

    there was a new max out last night (jani!) and it seems you may be on track to for one soon as well!
  2. OK, big update! That should be all the backlog. Let me know if anything seems amiss. :)

    Congratulations to everyone on their new records!
  3. Love this! :p
  4. Congrats Jani!
  5. Congratulations Jani! Awesome work sir.

    Also - New high score for Kristen. 921,621 LV 28 (223 lines). She's knocking on the door...

    Alex/Muf - Can you kindly update the leaderboard?


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  6. bmw


    Thought for sure I was gonna get my first 600k game. Had about 270k going into Level 10 and over 500k going into level 15. Then the game suddenly got very stingy with the I pieces and it went downhill quickly.

  7. Congrats Jani!!!
  8. Dang. You'll be there soon.

    I definitely find myself realizing I should have been burning at that moment when it's too late.
  9. bmw


    Just shattered my all-time lines record of somewhere around 210 and put up 239 lines starting in Level 9.

    563,306 points, also a best. I was far more excited to get 49 lines in Level 19+ than I was at the mediocre score for having done that.

    I see now why 600,000 points is the target mark for a good game - and its a frustrating mark to try to hit with so many ALMOST attempts.

    EDIT - And then the very next game....582,492...

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  10. Dana has done it!

    Idk exactly the line etc... someone else may know more, but dana has done it!!!!!
  11. fuck yeah! i am so excited for her. long time coming man, and i am sure it feels incredible.
  12. O_O

    Congratulations to him! Just discovered his records and got a chance to look at PAL level 19 play... Holy crap, this guy deserves it! I'm even more surprised that he's managing to do all this only with the A button...

    Never saw him on the forum though, does he come here from time to time?
  13. Whoa! All this news, man. Props to Dana! Very happy for her. :D Also...Jani! Holy shite! He made it look effortless.
  14. Not sure if he visits the forum, but he's been to the CTWC the last 2 years.
  15. Congrats Dana and wow to Jani - big stuff!! Too cool.
  16. Awesome job Jani! The setup was a thing of beauty.
  17. Wanted to submit my personal best score achieved on an original NES on Dec 16th, 2014. I didnt get it on video, but I am videoing all future games.

    pic3.jpg pic4.jpg
  18. looking real saucy aaron! well played. it is nice to have some newcomers again!
  19. Thanks! It feels great getting back into Tetris after so many years. It's amazing that a game so frustrating can be so fun at the same time, haha.

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