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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Fantastic for both of you! Glad to see you both getting after "it".
  2. sheeeeiiiiit. frank you gotta get that done! 901@ 190 is REEEE- DICK- U- LUSSSSSS. well done man!
  3. PS jani (janutzska) had an 896k@28 in my basement last weekend while we were downstairs playing. it may not be his all time high but it should be an upgrade from what is on this list. ben, jake, bo, kristen, me, and chad were there to witness it.
  4. bmw


    I finally got my first ever 500k game.


    I see that just puts me into the top 50.

    Was done on actual NES hardware, started in Level 9, ended in Level 19 with 191 lines.

    I think my ceiling would be around 600 or 650k since I just can't play Level 19. I MIGHT stand a chance with a better quality NES controller - the one I use is worn out and at the speed level 19 moves at, I find myself quickly misplacing pieces.

  5. Here's that 901 if you want to check it out.

    Thanks guys for the kind words. Hope it's not long till another 900.
  6. This is my second best game:

    Looking forward to joining the 900 club at some point! Nice work Frank, you've got me fired up to put in some time this week.

    Thanks again to everyone for being so encouraging, this is a great community.
  7. Whoa frank. just WOW!!!! That was a max for sure, but a great game either way! Also great schoolmaster!
  8. @schoolmaster I heard them announce your name once or twice during qualifying, and I thought they said "Score-Master" and I thought, wow, what a bad ass alias!
  9. a new item on my to do list: legally change my last name to "scoremaster."

    terry scoremaster. i like the sound of that...
  10. Muf


    Speaking of names, what's the story behind "wasmachstdugern"? As a European I know what it means, but I'm sure there's bound to be a story to be told here.
  11. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa....... DO IT Terry!
  12. finally we are getting soe action on the board again! well done ben! great game to watch- lots of edge of my seat moments... :)
  13. Awesome Ben! Keep it goin!

    Really looking forward to seeing you at next year's Midwest gaming classic. Going to be incredible with a very impressive showing.
    the regulars - Ben M, Chad, Josh, Mike W, John B, us, that SirTetris guy from last year, and then add Terry, Schoolmaster (likely), Pattrick Nyffeler (likely), and who knows who else?

    Also, in case anyone wants to get a quick look at my Portland experience, I put in a Portland entry in my blog (the blog normally focuses on my NES homebrew stuff). Just a few pictures and short recap of the weekend.

    Schoolmaster - great to see you on here.

    Jake, I just recently noticed that Rocketman is from Texas, and I made the connection. Cool to see that you're a regular poster. By the way, I found your maxout post with the progress chart. That was an unbelievably fast progression from the 500's to the max (very much like Kristen's fast progression, from what I gathered). Not sure what your secrets are.
  14. That's how I do, T. That's how I do. B) Thanks, homes!

    WE need to keep it going. I've noticed over the last year or so that people tend to max in close proximity to each other, so I say we get all "Themla & Louise" and make this shit happen!

    Word. I am beyond disappointed that I missed the last two tourneys this year. :\ I'm hellbent on making it to MGC, Geek.kon, and CTWC in 2015. I'm also super pumped to hear that new blood may be entering the fray!
  15. Frank! No special secrets. 1/2 hr of training a day (A type 18/19)... Force yourself to keep a L to R negative slope, mix in some B type LV 19 heights 1-2, etc. work on tucks, s/z/t spins, anything to expand your arsenal of moves. Every player exhibits different learning curves and high scoring capabilities, thanks to the randomness of the game.... AND that's why we love tetris! :biggrin: keep up the great work bro... You're knocking on the door!
  16. Re: [NES NTSC] A-Type NEW PR!!!

    ahhh finally in the 700k's

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  17. movin on up baby!!!!!
  18. A new personal best, 14+ years in the making:

    That mistake on 24 is going to haunt me for a while. Better keep playing... :)
  19. Wow! Well played. Awesome pace until the Level 24 disaster (almost 800k going into 23!).

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