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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    wow, congrats!
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    11 people with max-outs now? wow, i'm impressed.
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    found an old tape with a slightly earlier max-out than matt's. not entirely sure how the math works but i'm sure you guys know how to figure it out.

    973,413 @ 200 lines then got a tetris.
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    @supa- are you pulling a billy mitchell on us?!?!

    let me preface by saying i am impressed and bow to your superior talent, but did you have this tape the whole time, waiting for the most opportune moment to release it?

    sandbagging much?

    i implore you, don't be offended- i'm drunk. i implore you more- post the fucking video baby!
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    i belive this makes Supas max at lvl 26 + 3.282 lines, but ive certainly been wrong before, haha.

    my maths were basically 973413 + 32400 = 1005813

    1005813-999999 = 5814

    5814/32400 = 17.9444444 (percentage of the 4 lines that came after max)

    meaning 82.0555555555555% came before and at max

    4 x 82.055555555 = 3.28222222

    200 + 3.282?... you do the math hahaha

    gah... i should have checked the first page before doing all this. looks like alex already figured it out. But at least we agree :)
    I'm glad Supa updated his, and hope thor and jonas might do the same. Everytime people see this list i sort of had to explain that its almost backward of reality, jonas supa and thor were all at the bottom, pictures near the top (not that they arent real... but to what extent can the max moment be sufficiently verified?). I feel roughly like sticking in about the middle myself :)
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    haha. this run was from like 2-3 years ago. i wouldn't say i was waiting for the most opportune moment, i just discovered this thread, and figured, why not?

    as i only have an ipad at home, it may be a little difficult to upload the entire video. i guess i can record the last minute or so with my phone and upload it if you would like.
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    thanks for the effort, ben, and congrats on the max-out! as you can tell, i've been out of the game for a while.
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    well no rush, but i am so excited to see it. i can't believe you never knew about the forum either man! i am glad you're here though, i want to learn from the best, and i am glad more of the top tier players are becoming more active.
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    My scoreboard tool does the math automatically. :p Makes it that much easier, haha.

    He has posted here a little bit in the past, though that was quite some time ago -- looks like it was in 2006! :)
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    Hey, new to girlfriend playes the PAL version and got 587 000 as a record and she has reached level 20 one time...I don't know if that's good or not!
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    Yes, that's a good score for PAL. :) Level 20 is a nice achievement as well!
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    525,686 is the Twin Galaxies world record at the moment, so if that's any judge....

    Speaking of, damn Twin Galaxies for charging huge sums of cash now just to post a score. That's so obnoxious.
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    Regarding PAL....PAL versions of games are based on the logic that there are 50 frames per second, rather than 60, correct? So what happens when I play a PAL rom on 60hz display?
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    You get a big jumbled grey mess because the PAL NES only targets 50hz.

    If you mean the PAL software on NTSC hardware in addition to a NTSC display, then yes, it will play faster than on PAL hardware.
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    Small 12,000 increase for me to 999,999.
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    Is that all? :p Great work!
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    i knew it would be you to do it next. i was actually convinced your first would be 19 start since you rock it so hard. congrats man.
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    Congrats Bo! No doubt a fluke that I snuck in before Bo.

    So much max out action in the last year. Excitement for Portland is driving ever higher.
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    bo inspired me to try a new high score, too.

    i know it isn't much on the records front, but it is a new high for me. video coming soon.

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