Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Kick ass dude! That was awesome! WTF were you listening to? Lolololol
  2. LCK


    Congrats bro!
  3. Huge fucking congratulations! Best NES Tetris score EVER! So fucking bummed you're not making it to CTWC this year.

  4. congrats, svavar! i had a feeling you were grinding off-stream for the 19 max. well deserved. welcome to the club!
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  5. You done good son, you done good. That was an epic game, and such a early max. I knew you would do it! I am glad you aren't coming to Portland this year :)
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  6. How many 19 maxers does this make? 6?
  7. Thanks a lot guys!! Really nice to finally seal the deal :)
  8. 7 right? You, Harry, Jonas, Thor, David, Quad, and me
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  9. damn. pretty small list? wanna wager who is next?
  10. my bet is on Jani
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  11. Got a 901,460 tonight, finally breaking though 900k. Feels good to get that under the belt finally and join the final century club!

    Also, though I've congratulated most people outside of this forum, awesome scores to everyone this past year - Svavar, AaronC, Simba, and more. Very cool!

    Looks like the leader board could use an updating!

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  12. Nice game Chad, any 900k plus game on level 19 start is extremely impressive!
  13. Get some real furniture, slob.
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  15. Good game Koryan, it was nice seeing it live. I expect you will improve on that shortly as well!
  16. Loved reading through this thread. Newbie here. So far my PB starting on level 19 is a paltry 68k and not sure on the lines. going to start taking pictures and will start filming once I can break 100k. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted their videos as I find them very helpful and entertaining. After reading through (and watching tons of your guy's videos) I'm committed to trying to improve my level 19 play.

    I still have a lot of work to do on mastering the DAS charge. My level 18 start PB is 580k, and I always blow it on the transition. Furthest level I have reached is 23 when starting on 18. So clearly, level 19+ play is holding me back.
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  17. git er dun
  18. Great to see you joining the forum. That level 19 maxout is coming up soon I'm sure!
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  19. Got a new pr starting on lvl 19 of 84k. First time getting that 75k rocket! Next up 100k.

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