Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Amazing to watch. Congratulations!
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  2. Amazing accomplishment David, you are one hell of a player!
  3. thanks guys...
  4. The black widow strikes again.....
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  5. daaaaaamn! if you had hit that last tetris you would have gotten 800k! well played madame!

    PS is kristen officially better than jake now?
  6. It's damn close. Flip of a coin really who's better. When we battle tournament style best of 5 it usually comes down to the final game. She's a competitor for sure.
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  8. Wow Jake, that is one hell of a game by Kristen. You guys are a massive Tetris power couple.
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  9. Thanks Harry and Aaron. Appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to partying with everyone next CTWC.
  10. new LV 19 PR for me. 831k (233 lines) sloppy beginning but managed to hit the gas hard after the tranny....
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  11. Awesome stuff from the Steins!!!
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  12. Thank you Chad!
  13. wonderful game, especially post transition, thanks for posting Jake.
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  14. I just got a new PB on level 19. Played on emulator

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  15. 582k! The game gets better as time passes. Just like a fine wine.

    Jk, I become a Nervous Nelly by the end.

  16. Great game Svavar! Nice patience on LV 26. Congrats man!

    Metallian... equally impressive game for you sir. your piece placement timing got progressively better throughout the game. Nice work taking it to the kill screen also.

    Both of you can hit 700-800k and beyond. keep it going.
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  17. 20 1 aways... sheeeeeeeit.
  18. When's the last time this thread was updated???
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  19. be nice to see it updated soon. There's at least 6-7 new high scores to load. :V
  20. congrats to all the new scores and new scorers on this list! i love to see the action still going strong.

    as for me, i have a new score to add, too, and a slight improvement upon my first max (and this one comes with video): 999,999@226 lines.
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