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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    i finally fucking did it! :D

    max out at 228 lines (according to my GF andee who thank god was there to witness it). i was at 972k @ 224 lines and got a tetris.

    i am very sorry but i didn't video it. i was playing for a while, went outside to bring in the tetris pieces andee and i are making for the CWTC and i didnt turn the video back on after i came back inside. i understand if you dont want to add it to the list since i only have a picture, but either way- FUCK TETRIS. I WIN.

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    Yeah dude! You did it! You defeated your fucking nerves!

    Holy crap, I wanted to see that video so bad lol. How's the super cool club?
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    I was going to post this yesterday, but with Terry's awesome game, mine would have had a 'meh' feel to it. Great job man!

    On Sunday night, I got a new high for level 19. Great to have a new high for something, because I haven't been able to push my level 18 any higher for quite some time.

    234 lines

    There's a few cool things about this game:
    -it's 150,000 above my previous high
    -234 is a new high for my lines count (I think it was 232 before)
    -long bars were the lowest block count (73, compared to the highest block count of 103 T's)

    Video is now uploaded
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    Wow, well played! That's an improvement alright!
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    great job frank! i see youre getting ready for the big dance eh? cant wait to meet you and play some games together!
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    Sounds great! Looking forward to finally making it out for my first Portland gathering. On a sidenote, the Midwest Gaming Classic (as seen in Ecstasy of Order) has been growing - regulars to that one have been Ben Mullen, Mike Winzinek, Josh Tolles, Chad Muse, Ben Cowe, and myself - that one is always around April.

    By the way, video is now uploaded for my game. There are a couple of misdrops in there, which always adds to the excitement of the game.
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    here's the stupid link...
    999365 :(
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    I'm just going to round that up in my mind if it makes you feel better, haha. Great and tough game all in one!
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    Ah dude that's one heartbreaking game... That was amazing!
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    Thanks Qlex....yeah...couple different moves one way or the other could have nudged me over the million.....oh well...can't really complain...maybe I can max if I move my well to the right side . Lol....
  11. For some reason I randomly decided to sit down and knock out a perfect 19-0 game tonight. To my utter delight I got it on the 8th game. Clearly, lady luck was with me on this one.
  12. Finally a new personal best (a great Xmas present, too) after a long drought creeping up on 2 years: 809,960. Glad to have that 800k barrier out of the way. I wanted to wait to get on the board here until I got a PB (first PB I've actually ever recorded on level 19).

    Lost focus there at the end.
  13. Nice going Chad. See you in a few months at MGC!
    You can go for the live maxout in front of a crowd.
  14. well done chad! im glad youre playing again (you said you hadnt played much before the 2014 contest).
  15. New PR for level 19 start today. I am using an original NES. 397,300 in 141 lines breaking my previous record of 319,771 in 153 lines. Comments and feedback welcome, here is the video:
  16. keep em coming man! well done!
  17. Thanks man, I have learned a lot from watching your videos.
  18. Well done, Aaron! Keep it up!

    A little late to the party, but holy shit, Chad! Very impressive, homey. See you soon!

    As a side note, I haven't been playing much for months now, but I plan on getting back to it seriously soon. I sat down for some 19 today and busted out a 19-3. I may put that up today if I get in the mood.
  19. Thanks! After reading that you recently completed a 19-3 I figured I would give it a shot. Geezus its MUCH harder than 19-2. After ALOT of tries I finally completed one for the first time.


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