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Thread in 'Discussion' started by mat, 30 Dec 2006.

  1. mat


    hey, so i just had an old NES fall on me. so now i'm trying to figure out how in the world you get it to run homebrew... hint hint, tepples would you help me out here? i don't know anything about this kind of thing. you built a tetris for NES i remember--played it emulated, but it would be really awesome to get it on the system--how do i go about doing that? what do i have to build/buy? and how featured is that game btw? i remember it had two players, but no 20g--although there was lock delay, yes? that is so awesome... i dunno, help me out?
  2. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    To run Tetramino for NES, you'll need at least the following:
    1. Balloon Fight or some other really early game
    2. Soldering and desoldering tools
    3. Willem programmer
    4. 16Kx8-bit and 8Kx8-bit 5V NOR flash chips
    There is no "easy" solution yet, as there is with GBA and DS.

    No lock delay. It faked zangi by having the up key move the tetromino down and then up by 8 frames worth of gravity.

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