Records: [NES] 18>19 transition records

Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 14 Aug 2014.

  1. since we have lately been discussing this feat i thought we'd make a leader board similar to the 18/19 leader boards. kitaru i know you have a script for this... can you share it so we can use it for ease of access? thanks!

    this is what i have so far (from another thread):

    1- wasmachstdugern- 718,282
    2 - DavidV- 717,122
    3 - Bo- 700 (not sure of the specifics)
    4 - Alex- 674,380
    5 - Jake (AKA rocketman- sounds awfully phallic if you ask me): 673,726
    6 - Mattia- 669,831
    7- rizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzo1010 (frank)- 663, 047
    8- Ben M- 658,364
    9 - Louie- 647,561
    10 - BDCowe- 642,611
    11 - josua tolles- 639,646
    12 - Joey Parker- 639,485
    13 - AaronC- 638,917
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  2. Re: 18>19 transition records

    Amazing pace!! And your transition is 685.935 (691.935-6.000)
    You should also add Bo's 699k transition (one of the latest post in the 18 thread) :)
  3. Re: 18>19 transition records

    I think David's transition was a 717k, I opened his video to double check but it's not available anymore!
  4. Re: 18>19 transition records

    Amazing game Terry! I think you were about 2 and half away before choking. (I'm not talking shit - that's not my style). I had a similarly frustrating game about 5 weeks ago... 811,207 on LV 22 and crashed. Could have walked it in but of course i was flooring it for the early max.

    Keep on keepin on brother! see you in OCT
  5. Re: 18>19 transition records

    Here's my link if you guys ever get an official leaderboard ...

  6. we will get one. um... alex, can you help?
  7. i finally got a 700k tranny... but i failed to actually tranny. i was 3 lines short (127)... FML.

  8. DAMN!!! Highest pace ever...on record. Next challenge: perfect 18 transition! !
  9. I've had a 700k+ transition, just don't know what it is. I thought it was only 699,xxx, but then Alex informed me that I am an idiot and haven't been counting the last line the entire time I've been doing transitions. He didn't really call me an idiot, I just realized I was one.
  10. Give him a long bar!

    Great, I should say insane, game, Terry!

    You should still count your score, Terry. You don't really need to transition to count it.
  11. what was your adjusted score bo? i will try to add it. i love that there are still dudes gunning for scores....
  12. Tonight was such a bummer - my 19 was doing quite well, so I switched over to 18. I had my highest transition ever, and about 4 lines after, I died. I think my lesson to learn is to NOT look up and see how well your game is doing. It was a serious mind game when I noticed the transition was in the 600's. So, help me with the math here:
    At 129 lines, I was 657,040, then the tetris gave me 681,047.

    Is it simply 663,042?
  13. great job man! sorry but i cant help with math though... alex? ben? bo?
  14. My understanding is that the points for the drop score are retained completely, and then you just look at the points for the line clears. So I would say that it's 663,047.

    There's some completely nuts play happening recently that I need to watch when I'm on a better internet connection than this one...
  15. It's not much improvement but I got a 673,726 transition on film. Video is here... Still gunning for the 720k!
  16. Good pace jake. ..700 is in your sights...just need the long bars to cooperate
  17. yeah great job man. at that point you did all you could... just needed the right pieces, and we all know they rarely come when we need them.
  18. Does this have to be with a level 18 start, or does starting on a lower level count?
  19. Three things: 1) Aaron, it can be any level :). 2) Did the appearance of the site drastically change? 3) So I was thinking recently too Terry. I actually would like to create a fairly large sheet that can contain all records of any kind in the game, even the ones that a player doesn't "do" like most of a piece in a row or longest drought but it can contain all manner of crazy things :)

    Also, I wonder if multiple people could be admins of it as it were, so as not to put too much editing work on one person.

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