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  1. Hi! So i'm new on this forum, and I have been playing TGM2P on and off for about two years now, but after I reached to level 476 on master, I figured I was becoming somewhat good and now have a setup right besides my computer for TGM2P

    I play on a arcade stick, the X-arcade dual to be exact, and have just recently heard about how bad the joystick becomes over time. I have ordered a new Seimitsu LS-32 for it, after beginning to do sonic drops (I think that's what its called anyways), but I know blaming the controller for my performance may not be the right thing to do.

    I have never played with any other arcade stick other than my X-arcade duo, and I was wondering if i'm going to notice a big difference in performance.

    Also, what is recommended for practicing TGM? Should I start with T.A. death? Or should I practice different kind of skills?

    Thank you in advance :)
  2. If you're using X-arcade, I'd say it's an ok thing to do. I personally like LS-32 for TGM, but I can understand why people prefer Sanwas after getting a TAP board for my cabinet and trying it myself.

    I'm not the one to offer advice on TGM in general, but I was recently on your skill level, so I can say that what helped me progress a bit further was doing a ton of training on Death despite sucking at it, and then switching to Master whenever I felt that I was in a good enough rhythm to have a good game.

    And of course, play every single day. Some times it feels like I'm doing no progress but then the next day I'll increase another rank.
  3. I think the main problem with the x-arcade is the lag the cheap pcb introduces, I for one and I huge sanwa, fan, I've never tried the LS for myself. I still get missdrops on my sanwa, it'll move one position left or right unexpectedly, but it might be part of my setup, as well as the buttons being over sensitive rotating unexpectedly. when I have my PCB setup, I'll be able to see if it's just me, or my controller setup.

    currently using
    sanwa jfl,
    sanwa buttons,
    win i-pac pcb
  4. The LS-32 is fundamentally inferior to the JLF for TGM due to the clover 4-way restrictor that it comes with. While TGM needs to be played with a 4-way restrictor (if you have an X-Arcade I think you can swap the restrictor to 4 way), the LS-32's restrictor completely stops the diagonals from being actuated, which prevents smooth movements from left/right to up/down. If you grind down the "clover" parts that completely block the diagonals to make it more like the JLF, the LS-32 is okay but again not as sensitive as the JLF. Basically, you should just get a JLF for TGM as it makes everything easier.
  5. Thank you guys for responses! I have started playing allot of T.A. Death now after what Sumez told me.

    I have never experienced any lag with the X-Arcade, I heard that they fixed the PCB/Lag issue a while ago, but the joystick is still a cheap Happ knockoff

    And my Seimitsu LS-32 is already shipped, so it's too late to get a Sawana. Sorry!
  6. It's OK, some of it is a preference thing anyway. :) I don't have too much trouble playing the LS-32 that were installed on my cabs when I bought them (though I do plan to return to Sanwa JLF once I buy a new set of parts). Though, I will say, it takes a bit more shoulder behind things to get the stick moving. ;) (TGM workout, Death mode time attack on Seimitsu!)
  7. If you like playing shooters as well, you'll be really happy with your LS-32 for that purpose.
  8. How drastic is 4 way vs 8 way. I swapped out my gate to an octo way back when Super Street Fighter IV came out and I have no idea where I placed my square gate :/ (I have a JLF in a madcatz fightstick, Sorry if this is kinda off topic)
  9. It's 100% necessary. Just buy another restrictor, they're only like $5.
  10. I ended up finding it after digging around for a while, Thanks

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