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    thats my best run of special ti(S4 555/600 texmaster)

    i got all cools and im wondering if you guys have any words of wisdom so that way i can improve:)
    also, if you have any criticism, what i did good, or bad, what to improve on, all is welcome

    thank you
  2. You reminded me that I owe Aaron a critique. :s

    Ok, I suppose I need to sit down and do player reviews at some point today, then. :)
  3. haha ill be waiting
  4. Ok, I finally sat down and did this. Sorry for the wait. :(

    6 S - Hm, it's a bit of an awkward time to do an overhang. Instead, I would DAS Left and Zangi Right to place it in the 2-wide notch on the left there.
    135 I - Personally, I would prefer filling the wide pit in the stack with the I-piece here. I like having the nicer stack shape and don't mind waiting to tetris or skim later.
    143 T - This seems like a panic misrotation -- did you think of SRS for a moment? :)
    244 L - Ooh ooh, this is a place for a neat trick. :) You can safely place this L-piece vertically and one away from the right wall. Start by IRSing A to put the L-piece in the letter orientation (i.e. with the dull end pointing down). Then, press C to rotate to the 180 position (i.e. with the flat end facing down), and start DASing Right. When the piece reaches the wall, release Right and press A again to rotate to the sharp orientation.
    If you're not comfortable with this trick, you can also IRS B and tap to the right several times to move the L into position. I like the triple rotation trick because it works at high speeds and with a variety of stack shapes where a point-down L would get stuck along the way.
    Since the piece came out before you could rotate either way, I think the next best choice is to DAS Left and then rotate A to place vertically against the left wall. The piece is long enough to stay supported on top of that S all the way until the left side is supported by the O on the left, so you don't need to do anything tricky to move it there.
    280-281 JT - Very nice recovery from the O misdrop. :D The T move can also be safely and quickly input as DAS Right -> AC Left.
    282 S - Another finesse note, you can wall finesse this placement like the L trick I mentioned earlier -- DAS Right, neutral, then rotate. Again, these tricks aren't necessary right off the bat, but they'll be of great help in time attack or at speeds where multi-tapping is not an option.
    284 - The panic holding gets you into a bit of trouble for a couple of pieces here, but I think that should clean up with practice.
    308 J - A triple rotation is also possible here if you want to place this J on the left side. IRS B will allow the bottom-left block of the J to rest on top of the S in the middle, which will allow you to DAS Left and finish the placement with two more rotations to fill that 2-cell gap in column 2.
    323 S - Oops, I think you had an idea for this one, but just a bit too late. DAS Left -> tap Right sets up a place for the upcoming J.
    After the misdrop happens, I think the best way to go would be to pull the I-piece out of hold right away for a vertical placement in column 9 and then work your way from there.
    325 Z - If you want to fill that little overhang made by the S, you can double tap Right then rotate twice.
    333 L - I like the t-spin setup, but unfortunately there is no T in sight. If you want to fill it with this L, you can IRS A, DAS Right, then rotate C. It's also fine where it is after you slide some pieces under it, but the twist is an option.
    334 J - This is a tricky decision. What you can also do is pull the Z out of Hold and do a twist to fill the space. The J slide forces you to make that hole in column 6, and holes closer to the center are usually harder to clear out. The Z twist makes holes further out from the center and leaves a flat platform so you can pull the J back out on the next piece and fill the notch made by the L.
    340-358 - Very nice platformed clear here. :D You also continue after that with some pretty efficient downstack, nice work. :)
    380 T - If put this one down rotated clockwise, you leave a spot for the upcoming J. The J can then be moved over in one of two ways: the stacking way and the tricky way. :) The stacking way is to swap for O in Hold first to make a shape that allows the J to DAS to the Right. The tricky way is to kick the J over the notch by DASing Right, rotating A to have the "nose" of the J pointing down, then rotating back to put the "foot" of the J down on the head of the T to cause rightward wallkick over the hump and continue DASing to the wall.
    394 T - The better move is to DAS Right to that notch between the O and Z and place the upcoming L on the left instead. This would also lead in well to pulling the I from Hold (or spotting the one that comes up in the preview later) for a placement on the left.
    399 T - This is one of those L/J choice placements. My first instinct was DAS Left + rotate A to place against the left wall, leaving a spot for the L. The J is too far out in the preview, so you end up pulling the I-piece from Hold.
    402 S - The sequence I see here involves pulling L to fill that space on the left, J is DAS Right -> B to place against vertically against the right wall, skim a single with the I-piece, then pull the S to skim the last single to uncover the hole in column 5.
    404 L - Nice move. :) I think it might be better to fill the 2-cell gap on the left first and then do a similar move with the later Z, but this works out pretty well.
    415 J - Whoa, unexpected Hold. I'd fill the gap with the J first, then pull the T and place it 180'd at the right wall to clear another single so we can start working on that next hole.
    433-434 TJ - Great rehold. Triple rotate J was an option, but it's good that you spotted the stack adjustment that allowed you to move J over without any rotation tricks.
    473 L - Missed IRS. :( IRS A would put L in a nice, safe position to go either right or left, but here it got stuck hooked on the left.
    500 - Whoa things just happened. :o Be careful locking pieces at these speeds.
    510 I - Rather than IRS this, I would DAS Right first; flat I can cross a lot of gaps. Once you're at the right wall, you have a choice between continuing DAS and rotating (causes a floorkick, so it wouldn't work in TGM1/2) to place vertically against the right wall, or tapping left and rotating to place in column 8. Either placement keeps the notch open for the upcoming T so you don't need to pull the other I out of Hold.
    512 J - Rotate once more to twist in.
    514 T - I'd keep the L and place it over there instead.
    After this, a lot of things are happening, but I think it's mostly trouble keeping up with the speed. Good game, keep at it. :D
  5. holy shit.... thanks for the answer:)

    as for 6s, that was 100 percent accidental:p
    135I i didnt even think about that
    143Toops, srs, i zoned out to much:p
    ill work on all of these thank you!

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