My Progress in TGM. How do I improve?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by danminer, 14 Feb 2017.

  1. Thanks for the advice. I'm currently trying to get past level 400. The gravity is too strong, I can't react to the falling tetrominoes... yet. As for your question about NES Tetris, I didn't even play B-Type, and I didn't get the UFO - I was about 30K short.
  2. I'll definitely check out the first two games, but only after I'll be able to survive to level 500.
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    okay i think you need to use more initial rotation, and to hold sideways. on other games (like NES) you may be used to tapping because it's faster. the autorepeat when it kicks in is one cell per frame. it will shoot over to the side at warp speed. you just have to rotate the piece before it hits the stack.

    I also suggest simply firing up the TGM1 game and watching the demo for a bit. it will give you an idea how to handle fast tetrominos.

    as for getting the ufo on NES tetris, if you start at level 7 (or 8 if you can handle it) you will probably get it.

    It seems you don't yet have a handle on lock delay. you can and will move pieces after they touch the stack on TGM. you can't do that on NES tetris. you have a lot more time then you think, especially before level 500 if you are just playing for survival. once you start hitting cools, you will get tgm1's level 500 speed when you hit 300. 2 section cools ensures you hit 20g at 300.

    Has the music changed during gameplay for you yet?
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  4. No, it hasn't. I know it should change at level 300 if I'm fast enough, but I still get "REGRET!!" when I finish a section. Currently trying to break the 500 level torikan (Is that how you call it?).
    And a quick question: Can I use Nullpomino instead of TGM1? I have trouble running TGM1 on MAME.
  5. You could for sure. However, the currently most used clone on TC is Texmaster. I would recommend looking into that one too.
  6. Seconding Texmaster, Nullpomino has some input issues with TGM rotation rulesets, especially in 20G.
  7. Okay. A month of playing TGM. I hate myself for being this bad at the Tetris.
    TGM - S1 @ level ~390.
    Cleared TAP Novice w/ Credit Roll.
    TAP Master Mode - Grade 3.
    TAP Death - level 143.
    TGM3 - 5 Qualified/3 Provisional @ level ~450.
    Is my progress good for one month?
    I've only been playing Death for the past two weeks to get used to 20G, but I just can't build a pyramid to optimize piece mobility. IRS is also something I can't get the hang of yet, but I guess it's a matter of training. Is it possible to survive in 20G without creating overhangs? Should I treat levels 300-500 as preparation for 20G? If so, how do I efficiently turn my flat stack into something that I'll be comfortable with in 20G? Will KevinDDR finish writing his TGM guide? I appreciate all answers you might give. Thanks in advance.
  8. that's probably about where I was a month in. patience is a virtue
  9. pyramid stacking comes with lots of practice, and overhangs in TGM 1 and 2 are more or less essential. in 3 not so much because of the hold piece and extra previews and added I piece mobility, which basically make it so you can stack flat all the time.

    anyways pyramid stacking is mostly about keeping the center columns (that is, columns 4-6) high and flat so any given piece can fall naturally in either direction uninhibited. this kind of thing really only comes with practice, but watching videos of the masters can't hurt either. I have a youtube playlist of a bunch of TGM2 videos that I'm constantly adding to here:

    pay particular attention to bwv1079's videos, his play is basically the example par excellence of overhang use.

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