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Thread in 'Hardware' started by M.Bison, 29 Oct 2014.

  1. Bit of a double-up here (as I posted the same thing on but I thought everyone should know this:

    I decided to buy a new keyboard today and thought I may as well get a Razor Blackwidow with Orange mechanical switches to see what all the fuss is about. As soon as I tested it I immediately noticed the smooth responsiveness of the keyboard…not to mention its sheer speed! However shortly after testing it a noticed myself doing quite a number of missdrops (well, more than usual anyways!)…due to misfires/jamming… At first I thought it must be because I wasn’t used to the keyboard but sure enough the misfiring/jamming continued. I can only assume this is due to the limited amount of keystrokes the keyboard can handle (10 rollover) rather than mechanical failure (but I am no tech wiz, so don’t quote me on that). My current keyboard ( which has N-rollover has NEVER had this problem – and it’s just a ‘cheap’ rebranded/repackaged keyboard!

    Can’t express my disappointment enough with this product…all I can recommend is to stay WELL clear of it…I would also strongly suggest anyone looking into mechanical keyboards to ALWAYS check for a N-rollover feature or at least a ‘respectable’ rollover count.

    Thankfully I was able to get a full-refund (guys at the shop where surprisingly sympathetic). On that note, my next keyboard will be something with a standard layout, N-rollover and Red Cherry MX switches. Not taking any chances this time around :facepalm:

    - Jono
  2. Crossposting. :p
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply Kitaru...did a bit of an update on my HD post and sadly it wasn't a case of 'hitting' surrounding keys :\ Just a poor quality product I am afraid :(

    Oh, least its gone and away from me now :D

    - Jono
  4. I use a blackwidow.

    Works just fine on mine. I can press all my buttons at once and there's no trouble.

    Did you install the driver for it, etc.? I know these things aren't as great as people presume they are.
  5. Worth noting that whether you have the keyboard plugged in through USB, or through PS/2 can make a massive difference with regards to rollover.

    That said, I've definitely seen keyboard claim anti-ghosting and high key rollover and then if you actually properly test them they have jamming issues. There's a mechanical Corsair keyboard I've used that was supposedly 20-key and for the most part was fine, but any adjacent pair of keys between the top two rows of letters (Q/A, W/S, E/D, etc) would jam if pressed together - something that can cause problems on certain control layouts. Definitely makes me suspicious that quite a lot of gaming keyboards aren't actually fully N-key across the entire set of inputs.

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