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  1. mar

    mar Unregistered


    I'm a developer of multiblocks (currently version 1.3 is almost done). Please help me test the game with difficulty set to PRO, I'm wonder where are the limits.

    (there is no limitation in online play)

    Online Highscores are located here:

    Waiting for feedback. Hope you enjoy.


    p.s. I'm searching for someone who can help me translate instructions into German, French, Spanish and other languages.
  2. How much is there to translate?
  3. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    this is very nice work mar. i've only played classic mode so far and it's a lot of fun. it's great to have 2 rotations and wallkicks, which aren't present in 90% of tetris clones out there.

    i was wondering though why pieces can go through blocks when you drop them if they'll fit underneath. i could understand if it saved the player from soft dropping and sliding under an overhang, but in this game you can get a piece to where it shouldn't normally go. this is what i'm talking about:

    O     O     O     O
    O    22O     O     O
    O    22O     O     O
    O     O     O     O
    O     O     O     O
    O   11 O     O   11 O
    O   1 O     O   122O
    O   1 O     O   122O
  4. Poochy

    Poochy Unregistered

    I'm guessing the algorithm just starts at the bottom and keeps going up one row at a time until it finds a spot that the piece can fit in. This was actually something I had to fix in my own attempt at making a Tetris clone - the way I fixed it was to just keep lowering the piece one row at a time until it can't drop any farther, then stop.
  5. mar

    mar Unregistered

    From my expirience about 1h of work(if you have no problems with type writing) all texts from the game + few words from web page.
    I will be very grateful.

    It is done as Poochy said. Why? Because it change a game play a little

    bit and it involves a different strategy for leaving empty spaces.

    [CP]david nice score:
  6. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    And once you implement hard drop correctly, you can also make the ghost piece, or vice versa. Every time a new piece comes out or is shifted sideways or rotated, pretend to hard-drop it and store the Y position of the hard-dropped piece in a field of the object that represents an active piece. This simplifies the implementation of all gravity-related moves:
    • Ghost piece: Draw a fainter piece at (fallingPieceX, hardDropY).
    • Firm drop: Move the falling piece directly to (fallingPieceX, hardDropY).
    • Hard drop: Move the falling piece directly to (fallingPieceX, hardDropY) and lock it.
    • Gravity greater than 1 row per frame, such as the 20G of some games: If (fallingPieceY - gravityPerFrame) is below hardDropY, move piece down to hardDropY and start the lock delay countdown, else move piece down to (y - gravityPerFrame).
  7. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    that's an interesting idea. it makes the game a little more playable with the memoryless randomizer.

    the only control issue i've had is with pieces rotating twice when i'm trying to rotate once. i saw that the input sensitivity can be changed but i don't want it to affect left and right movements which haven't been a problem. is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the rotate keys only? if not i can use another program to do that.
  8. Cultris Pyruz

    Cultris Pyruz Unregistered

    Thank you. It's a pretty interesting game. Only problem I have with it is that that shadows aren't that dark when the piece initially starts. You'd have to wait a few ms before you know what piece it is and where it is. Good job with the game man.
  9. mar

    mar Unregistered


    I don't know did I understood You well? But you telling me how to create other(classic) kind of bottom blocks. I now how to do it but I decided to do it other way. It's a matter of choice. There is so much

    stuff in multiblocks that in one version I had over 1000 high scores lists so some decisions have to be made. So there is no mistake there, this is just something different.


    This is not memoryless randomizer I don't know how to call it but it's per level randomizer. I tested other possibilities and this seems to be the most reasonable for that kind of play.

    I spend hours of clicking in move and rotate keys to make them as fast as possible, but I realize that there is no ideal solution. Your idea with separate settings for move and rotate keys is brilliant I never see something like this I try add this as fast as I can.

    Can You tell me the name of this keyboard program?

    Cultris Pyruz

    I hope this bug will be fixed tomorrow.

    Thanks for appreciation. [​IMG]
  10. So you're saying you did that on purpose? No offense, but it seems kind of dumb. How does it improve gameplay?
  11. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Possibly the same way that Star Sweep's allowing the user to place blocks anywhere there's space improves its gameplay.
  12. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    I can do the French version if you have a couple dollars and a free copy of the game to throw my way :p
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    the program is called Auto Hotkey. you can get it here:

    so far i've only used it to reassign the keys to some that are familiar to me, but it can also be used to control the repeat rate of a keystroke and lots of other things. the help file that comes with it has a lot of examples.

  14. I think I've said this before, but Eggmania is a much better example. Its gameplay involves the stacking of falling ominoes. Star Sweep feels completely different.

    And it improves the game the same way spin-triples do. Which is to say, it's very subjective whether it's a positive feature.
  15. mar

    mar Unregistered




    Well I didn't talk about improvement it's just something different. It should be almost invisible for this forum tetris players

    (I mean at this level of experience). However there is the difference

    for less experienced users it is much more fun for them it let them

    play longer because they have a chance to repair their mistakes. If You have some tetris-lame at hand see for yourself.


    I can give only what I have: free copy and my future gratitude [​IMG]
  16. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Now some of us can understand why Lockjaw has debrief logging instead of an ordinary high score list.
  17. mar

    mar Unregistered

    Cultris Pyruz

    I solved the problem you had with starting block so download

    new version and now should be as you want it.

    People were laughing when I said that multiblocks can generate

    billion points scores. Now they don't!!! they waiting...

    Thanks to you [​IMG]


    Did you still have problem with keyboard? Because your score

    does it look like you have any. Did you used to it? I looked

    at the code and it will be not so easy to give all parameters

    to the options screen.
  18. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Hi mar, I had a quick test of your game, and I must say I'm impressed; it looks very professional.

    Firstly, 2 major criticisms:

    1) As jujube also mentioned, the double-rotate behaviour is very frustrating. Even with the keyboard sensitivity turned all the way down, this was still a problem for me. Unless people are exploiting infinity, I see no reason at all to even need auto-repeat behaviour for rotation.

    2) I also had problems with my mouse hard-dropping pieces: for example, I'd nudge the table, my mouse would move slightly, and I'd end up with 3 or 4 pieces hard-dropped. Why would anyone want to play tetris with a mouse anyway?

    The next few things are fairly minor, and not likely to affect too many people:

    3) Even with sensitivity turned down, the DAS was a too fast for my liking. Would it be possible to have fixed DAS settings, e.g. 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 300ms ?

    4) The normal grey playfield background makes it a little difficult for me to make out the pieces. At the transition from one level to the next, the background goes dark and there's a lot more contrast; is it not possible for the background to be dark all the time?

    5) I'm not sure I like the randomizer. I frequently found that I'd get starved of one or two particular pieces for well over 40 turns, and then I'd get a long stream of them all at once. When the randomizer is so unpredictable it leaves me with the impression that luck plays too significant a role. A very long "next piece" preview, like in DTET, would certainly make it more manageable, but personally, I think a history or bag based randomizer (something like a 28-bag perhaps?) would be much better.

    Finally a few suggestions:

    6) I quite like the "bottom blocks" behaviour, but why can't you turn it off in PRO? Some people might want to play without it.

    7) If you want to reduce the number of scoreboards needed, have you considered cutting down the number of modes? I can't see Mode 6 being popular - I don't think people would want to play tetris with a totally pre-defined piece sequence. Modes 2 and 3 are very similar, the basic gimmick being that you get punished for not placing each piece quickly; can they not be rolled into one somehow?

    While I'm still on the topic of modes: for Mode 5, a target of 2 lines makes for a very short game of tetris. Better targets would be 20, 40, 100, 250.

    B) Playing on Easy makes the playfield dimensions smaller. Surely this would make it more difficult? I would have thought that an 8-wide playfield would give the player fewer options for piece placement, and make top-outs more likely.

    9) Have you considered using ARS and/or SRS? This would make it easier for players already fimiliar with Tetris to transfer their skills across with minimal "Tetlag".

    That's about all I can think of at the moment. Congratulations on a great game, and I'm sorry if I came across as being too harsh.
  19. Cultris Pyruz

    Cultris Pyruz Unregistered

    x2. I agree with this. The grey playing field makes it very annoying to concentrate on the gameplay. If there was a darker field i believe more people will be able to drop faster. As of right now I can't see anybody reaching over 100 blocks/min.

    Sweet! Now if you made the shadows a bit darker that would be awesome. [​IMG]
  20. When talking about DAS, it may help to specify which of the two values one is talking about - the initial delay time and the repeat rate. "Too fast" can be too vague as it could be referring to either.

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