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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. I've actually switched over to GB Tetris after years of ignoring it. I was always weak with it and much stronger on NES and SNES Tetris. A colleague of mine challenged me to Tetris, and I beat him on the NES before he claimed he was better at the gameboy version, to which I've been playing like a madman for the past couple weeks.
  2. Well, if you do start playing it seriously, my score of 388587 (acheived two months ago, while sitting on a train) should be your first target. I'm relatively crap at Tetris, compared to some of the people here, but that still feels like a score that's a worthy target to beat. It's also only my 4th time ever getting past 300k...
  3. COL


    I've cleared that damn game with a gold sk!!
  4. My god...

    Do you have a video or an input file?
  5. COL


    :oops: no...
    I haven't recorded anything since I have my new laptop (pure laziness!). I'll have to perform it again i guess (not absurd: i had a failed attempt at lvl 959 a few days ago). Most tetrises have been made before 500, I made 2 or 3 tetrises at 500 speed.
    I need to be less lazy and make a new record procedure (you would hardly imagine my procrastination level o_O).
  6. ಠ_ಠ
  7. COL


    ok pas la peine de râler ;)

    another one recorded this time with shmupmame v22
    lvl 444
    lvl 107
    lvl 99
    lvl 736
    lvl 999 ---> 6:28:XX with gold sk around 700

    bon réveillon :)
  8. I'm really grateful for this wonderful christmas gift (especially since I got vertigos so this is the only thing I can do, watch videos), but the link (more especially doesn't seem to work. Is it due to my firewall?
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    dl works for me. Maybe I'll try to make an .avi later (there's no aviwrite feature on shmupmame :/)
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  11. So, I realise that GB Tetris isn't really considered that interesting, but nevertheless, I consider this to be a major acheivement for me:

    That's probably also the furthest I'll push the game, seeing as my goal was only 400k, and I've had several "nearlies" over the last 12 months (and a random 336k starting from level 0, which I am still slightly wtf about).
  12. Thats pretty good. I've been knocking on 500k lately. IMO, the biggest game killer is thumb fatigue once you reach level 20. If you can manage level 20, it should be pretty easy to max out the score (just a matter of survival).
  13. NES Tetris no-rotate: 3307. Finally beat the score that Ben got in EoO.
  14. NES Tetris Level 29.7 -- 3 lines to go for 30! :o (It's the new world record for "closest to 30 without making it," haha.)

  15. :) Good work!
  16. [​IMG]
    New personal best for Sega '99, this time played on the arcade version over at Game Center. :)
  17. Wow, Game Center has this!? That's neat!

    Do you know how the all clear system functions near the end? I know Koryan has made two videos (second one ) about it, and it seems like you only have to memorize and optimize the thing beforehand, but do you know a bit about that that could be explained?
  18. Yeah, he has a handful of NAOMI games he can swap out. One time he offered to put in Tetris, so this time I took him up on the offer. :)

    Yes, the endgame challenge uses the 1988 Sega Tetris Power-On pattern, the famous first piece sequence the game will use if the game's NVRAM is reset. All Clears are also very valuable, so it pays to learn a pattern for that. I can only get the first All Clear, haha.

    I asked Koryan about the Special Bonus as well. You can never use clockwise rotation and you must clear the game. I thought the counterclockwise only stipulation was just for the 199 second endgame Power-On bit, but nope, you have to play it old-school the whole way through. :) The Special Bonus is worth an additional 10 million, so it definitely seems worth shooting for.

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