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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. Wow, just remembered that TetrisdAiSuki got Gold SK at Level 56!!
    TAP Master!
  2. For the RO, I really don't know :oops:
    I checked the explanation on the wiki and... have even less idea now :D
    All I can say is that I get it more and more consistently now that I IRS a lot, but I still don't IRS the O ^^

    For the RE, you need to have 150 blocks on the screen and clear to 70.
    All I do is counting to 38 without clearing a single line (you can see in my video that I get the RE medal at the beginning: I was counting loudly, making my girlfriend like o_OO_OD::awe::sowsuser::D )
    To get the silver RE easily, I did like 20 bonze RE (counting the tetrominos from the beginning) in a row to visualize how full the screen should be. The problem with the gold RE is that you need to do it 4 times, not knowing for sure if the third one was good ;)

    I think you can get 300k easily without counterstop but a lot of combos after 700.

    Trying something now, stay tuned on my youtube channel ;)
  3. [​IMG]

    Once I can reach 500K, I'll switch to nes tetris (game boy tetris scoring is not so great since you don't get more points if you use the cheat to start at level 19 speed...)
  4. COL


  5. Got a bronze SK in Special Ti at level 166. No lines were cleared that weren't Tetrises until that point. Then a few pieces later, I made a hole. :( Followed up with a Silver SK at 368 in the same game.

    Wasn't trying for early SKs either. Was a happy accident. Though bronze SK before 200 isn't that rare for me.

  6. COL


  7. damn, nice !
    I'm currently struggling to get ten M ranks in a row (and re-do Gm rank, harder than I thought T_T )
  8. COL


    I had to wait several months before my 2nd Gm;
    Making consecutive M's is not easy, the 3:25 condition is harsh, I still have "bad" days when even getting M is troublesome. The best I had was 5 in a row.
  9. O_____________O
  10. Wow. Would this actually be possible in real Ti? Anyone know if Texmaster emulates perfectly the randomiser?
  11. Define perfectly. I'm sure it's correct at an algorithmic level, but if you're asking whether the same seed produces the same sequence, that's probably not the case.

    Anyway, billtsar, you're insane.
  12. 2nd AC: ZZOJTZLJOI
    is the sequence I dropped the pieces
  13. Shouldn't we have a thread for Gameboy Tetris scores?
  14. You're welcome to start one, but I think GB Tetris's reliance on physical ability is one of the factors that has kept it from being a popular platform for competition. The randomizer also comes to mind; we recently confirmed via reverse engineering that there is in fact a bug that skews piece frequency.

    In terms of titles in the Nintendo family tree, NES Tetris and SNES Tetris + Dr. Mario are preferred; both remove the rapid tapping requirement, among other improvements. If you don't mind switching to something with (relatively) higher participation rates, these would be good alternatives.
  15. Uli


    GB tetris highscores:

    Hi Kitaru,
    I agree with the randomizer/participation points. I played quite a bit of TGM since and it definetly feels like the scores/grades there reflect players' skills much fairer. Never played on NES, so no opinion about that.

    The GB randomizer is awful...absolutely awful. In fact, after I started playing TGM I cannot play GB tetris anymore because it makes me want to throw the GB at the wall.

    Quite a lot of people still play it and everybody has a personal GB tetris story to tell... It ts probably played much more than TGM or NES (at least here in Europe). But there is almost no competitive participation ... for all the right reasons, I think.

    I still think the unforgiving gameplay, especially at level 20 is a wonderful thing. In particular after having played DS tetris marathon mode once. Make 1 mistake and it is over.

    So for me, with my limited fast-tapping abilities, I cannot afford to take any risks in level 20 so more boredom than tetris enjoyment after level 19.

    But on the other hand...Before I learned to play level 20 I did not know, what it feels like to be highly focussed and concentrated and bored beyond belief at the same time;)

  16. Great post Uli, thanks for weighing in. :)
  17. I think the NES randomizer is junk!

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