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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. Is there no records thread for TexMaster Doubles? Me and imiganai have cleared it before I think, though I don't have the time/screenshot on file. (also unfortunately texmaster doesn't seem to save replays for doubles mode)

    More importantly though, we spent way too long today on the ridiculous Big/Big doubles and Normal/Big doubles modes.

    Here's our best Big/Big performance:

    And here's Big/Normal (oh god):

    imiganai never even plays big mode, ever, so the big/big record was extremely good, considering. It's basically impossible to maneuver around each other's pieces without careful planning...and also if you ever misdrop by one column you're completely hosed. The normal wallkicks also don't work (i'm assuming because it's trying to wallkick by one normal column instead of one big column).

    Our big/normal strategy was to have the normal player take 4 columns and the big player take 5 big columns (= 10 normal columns). It made things slightly less stupidhard, but not by much. This particular "record" (if you can even call it that) was set with imiganai on the left with normal, and me on the right playing big. Again, imiganai never plays 4 columns or big mode (though i do so every so often on DS). Also, the normal player can drop an O piece on the big player's side without causing any problems. Or two Is or Js or Ls, I guess, but that's a lot more troublesome unless you already have the next one in your preview.
  2. Ai


    I think I'll add Doubles and other miscellaneous Texmaster challenges to the already existing [Texmaster] Novice, Normal and Advance thread if that's okay with everyone. I'll update it later and change the thread title.

    Great little TGM marathon DDRKirby(ISQ)! I should also do this sometime. ^^
  3. Improvement!
    Finally broke the torikan. I hit 499 at around 2:22 but it took me so long to clear a line that I thought I had missed it, I stopped playing after 500...
  4. [​IMG]
    Kill screen, baby. B)
  5. Kitaru! Totally awesome man! It's a huge achievement for most to reach level 20, let alone 29! Your "kill screen" comment has me confused though :D. Thor made it to level 30, and even then it wasn't a kill screen.

    Anyway, congrats man! :)
  6. Level 29 is considered a kill-screen of sorts as it halts any serious scoring and makes long-term survival pretty much impossible. You can eke out some more lines if you overstack in anticipation or hypertap to surpass the built-in autorepeat, but it's pretty much the end of the line. Also, given design choices such as higher starting levels "shortening" the length of the game (e.g. Level 18 start requires 130 lines to advance to Level 19 instead of 190), it seems as though the developers did not want people abusing any "extra time" with those higher score multipliers without the same looming pressure of getting punched in the face by Level 29.
  7. well... I set a new personal record for score in NES Tetris just now :( why the sad face you ask...

    well, my old record was 890,914 that was a good record once, but those days are gone and several people have overtaken me. So i trained on level 19 and trained hard. I got much better than i once was, I am much better than I once was... so I decided 5 days ago to start gunning for a new record and yippie i got one...

    by about 2000 points :( i didnt even consider it worth entering my initials or taking a picture the exact amount is 892706 and it makes me feel nothing but annoyed

    cheers all :)
  8. 701,811 points in NES Tetris. Get at me. B)
  9. [​IMG]

    Is it unusual to suddenly go from a qualified grade of S8 to m2?
  10. wait... does this put you ahead of robin... hes not gunna like this ;)
  11. It would kind of depend on your typical grade spread, but it's not too big of a leap from one to the other. How suddenly are we talking about, like within two games of each other? :)

    He's got some catching up to do for sure... 784k now.
  12. Now i feel you breathing down my neck :)
  13. Ai


    I maxed out the score in Tetris Plus for Game Boy this morning. ^^
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  14. Cool, congrats. :) It's a fun little max-out, isn't it?
  15. Ai


    Thanks! It was definitely a fun little challenge. But it turned out to be less difficult than I expected (at least if you keep the stack low). Well, at any rate it was more challenging than Tetris DX marathon. Next game I'll attempt to max-out is Super Tetris 3. Later Tetris on Game Boy and NES Tetris will follow. That should keep me busy for a while. ^^
  16. Man... I found it the complete opposite. This took like four attempts. I used to try to maxout Tetris DX twice daily and I STILL haven't done it. I think Tetris Plus has a crueler randomizer, but you don't have to play for nearly as long to max it out. Basically, I'm totally jealous of your Tetris DX maxout. ^^


    But yay! My first Tetris maxout!
  17. Ai


    Congrats maxing-out everything! It took me a few more tries to achieve the score max-out.

    Actually I haven't maxed-out Tetris DX (yet). I played the game again recently and I was surprised to see the level stop increasing after level 30. Basically the fast DAS makes the game feel a lot easier to play for me. A few weekends ago I managed to get a score around 3 millions where I intentionally topped-out after a while. This might be something for when I'm really bored. In fact I haven't even attempted maxing-out the score in Tetris DS... ^^'

    Concerning Tetris on Game Boy and NES Tetris, I will start playing the games but I'm nowhere near attempting to max-out anything. ^^
  18. I don't think I even wanna try Game Boy and NES Tetris. I can't stand the fast tapping required for Game Boy. NES Tetris can sorta be played without the fast tapping, but it's better with.

    I finally did WELL after I broke the Shirase torikan (in NDS_TGM)! (I'm pretty sure I've broke it before a few times, but I've never played well afterwards)

    It's not even the game I've got the furthest in, but I'm pretty sure in that game I didn't break the torikan. (NDS_TGM doesn't stop you if you don't).
  19. Nope, definitely not. :p Unless you're the next Thor Aackerlund, Dan Z, or Takahashi Meijin, you'll want to be a DASer. :)

    Slick run, congrats! :D

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