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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. Thanks m. Bison. Are u on the nes leaderboard??
  2. No worries at all David ^^ Currently, I am not on the NES leaderboard, though I hope to change that sometime over the next year or so - I have a tone of catching up to do as is :V

    - Jono
    <kitaru> B)
    <zircean> G M
    <kitaru> GRAND MASTER BABY
    <kitaru> ok i win time to sell this game ;p
    <kitaru> hahaha
    <zircean> yeah
    <zircean> you're literally a grand master
    <zircean> it happened ;)
  4. Here's one.... LV 18 start. My best pace ever. 167 or 168 lines with a transition of 620-630k...

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  5. COL



    A couple days ago, this came out: 53 tetrises in tex normal mode. I was surprised because I wasn't really trying hard (suggesting once again that pressure harm my play more than improving it) and I believed I had played poorly!
  6. bmw


    Re: [NES] Type-A Level 19

    I just managed a 328. Not sure what the theoretical max is, I can't imagine it is much higher than 330 or 331.[​IMG]
  7. @bmw: Not sure what the max is, but one thing that hasn't been explored fully is the technique to maximize soft drop points. Due to one of NES Tetris's math bugs, you lose a couple points for dropping the full height of the playfield instead of a waiting a few rows -- if you drop 15+ rows, it does a funny little wrap-around back to the 10~13 point range.

    So, to optimize a couple more points here and there on your early pieces, you want to wait until the piece is somewhere around the top of the Next Piece frame. It gets a little fuzzy (or at least, hard to quickly eyeball) once you put down a couple pieces, but ideally for the first five rows you'd want to net 13~15 points as often as possible without overflowing and losing those extra points. Once you get to the point where pieces can no longer be dropped more than 15 rows, you want to drop the full playfield height as usual.
  8. I believe this is the best place to post for NES Type-B.

    Two nights ago, I finally achieved Level 19, Height 3.

    I'll likely post video later. It didn't feel that spectacular - the stack was sorta low at the start. However, it is the one and only time that I've done it, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. I know 19-2 was very difficult at one point.
  9. Congrats, Frank. I finally achieved my 19-3 earlier this year, and 18-5 as well, just before Geek.kon. I beat my damn head against those challenges for two years, so it was nice to finally scratch them off the list.

    I got on here to announce a B-type achievement of my own: SNES B-Type, 31-2. Video

    Level 31 access achieved through Game Genie.

    Next I am going to go for a perfect 31-0 and start sniffing around for a 31-3.

    Another miscellaneous achievement: reached Level 29 from a Level 28 start. Level change occured at 200 lines. I used Game Genie code GPVEPKZA. 834K points.

    Level 28 max-out is on my list of things to do. I know it doesn't make much sense, but I just want to do it.

    EDIT 2:
    SNES B-Type 31-0 w/ 5 Tetrises
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  10. josh let's race for the first level 28 max! challenge accepted...

    on a slightly sourer note, this happened today- my longest drought ever. 75 pieces.
  11. Thanks! I think it would take me a long time to get 19-3 again. I had not attempted 18-5 before, but thought I'd give it a shot. It actually only took 2 nights to do, and the only reason I went to B mode was because my ipod battery was low. From my perspective, 18-5 difficulty seems a lot easier than 19-3. Is that what you found?

    Good luck with your snes.

    Terry, it's not very comforting to know that 75 piece droughts are out there. :)
  12. I actually think the opposite. 19-3 seems easier (I have done it a few times now), and 18-5 still gets me (I may have done it a second time, but not sure).

    But I have been playing almost exclusively B-Type for a coupe of weeks now and I am feeling pretty sharp. I should revisit 18-5 and see how it goes.

    75 is bullshit. Who does that game think it is, anyway?

    I'd like to see some statistics on other pieces' droughtability, but I don't think anyone is committed enough to pay attention to non-bar droughts. Although I am sure I have come across twenty- to thirty-ish droughts on J's and L's (the only other pieces/scenario's distinguished enough to get my attention....which also means that during those droughts the longbar didn't come either because I/we would just throw that bad boy in the two-high well if the J's and L's weren't coming which means it is a double drought, so come one, really, it is going to drought two pieces at once? are you kidding me? what bullshit! who is running the game anyway? some sadistic jerk that's for sure and now that you got me ranting and my longbar rage is flowing strong, if you really think about it, if it is droughting two pieces at once, that is sort of a double drought, so you could pretty much double the drought pieces without calling shenanigans so suddenly we are talking about forty to sixty what a load of crap...what if every piece could clear a Tetris? then the game would simply stop dropping pieces altogether and Bald Bull would come out and stand over our withered bodies and laugh at us...:facepalm: well laugh away jerkface I got a hammer and hammer beats NES and cart every time).

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  13. the previous post should be enshrined in the TC hall of fame.
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    Don't underestimate Kitaru's commitment. See: Randomizer Theory
  15. Couldn't resist :awe:
  16. Keep in mind that this only takes into account the totality of all seed+count+history positions, and not which states are actually reachable or likely to be reached from moment to moment. This is especially relevant with regards to seed state, as there is a specific band of reachable states depending on the min/max frames this piece is active (which is some function of the current level, how tall the stack is, where you place the piece, and then whether or not you soft drop the piece) and if lines are cleared (which will add another variable to equation of time until next piece selection). I'm not sure what the best way to actually evaluate the "real world" stats other than to take a large volume of piece sequences from actual games.
  17. So, uh, has anyone else maxed out V-Tetris for the Virtual Boy? If not, can I claim first?

    ...not that you would ever really want to look into a Virtual Boy for that long... and it's not even that difficult... except for the looking into a Virtual Boy for a long time part...

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  18. That's awesome Metallion! There's nothing more beautiful than a bunch of 9's in a row. Am I seeing it correctly, that's one less than TEN million? How long did it take???

    I almost got to play that game once, at MGC, but the cart was broken or something. They were vague about why I couldn't play it, but nevertheless they wouldn't let me put the cart in the VB.

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