mihara tweeted about tgm twice today

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    i can't glean much from auto translate but i thought everyone should know that the CEO of tgm has some shit to say and it might be important? first one sounds like he wants to team up with sega maybe? second one mentions heboris
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  2. and with the tetris company account retweeting some stuff about tgm, AND with e3 around the corner, this might finally be the year
  3. Zaphod77

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    the second tweet seems to reference the sega mega drive tetris that's coming with the mega drive mini.

    it's very weird compared to the original sega arcade tetris, and has some changes to make it more guideline ish for it's time.

    it also references the sega tetris to shimizu's tetris to TGM connection.

    beyond that i can't understand him. :) he did seem to mention heboris and g-tet (which i've still yet to actually find a copy of)
  4. I guess no one put the real translation or information here yet, so here's a paraphrase of what I remember.

    Mihara is complaining he doesn't get to make any TGM-ish project. He's talking about how the 1988 System 16 Tetris is getting a "what-if" port to the Megadrive Mini and saying something like "heyy~ why don't you let me make TGM in Sega Tetris, lol!" Second tweet is just musing about things like "if I rebalanced Sega Tetris, does it become TGM?" "Shimizu came from arcade Sega Tetris, next came TGM, I think that G-Tet is a successor to TGM." Then he goes on somewhat like "but that punk that made Heboris, I won't forgive you unless you come offering a strawberry daifuku, lol!" etc., and jokingly accuses Hoshiken of making more clones in Petit Computer / Smile Basic.
  5. It's literally Sega Tetris down to the rotation ceiling and Power On pattern. The only changes we know of so far are an Options menu that allows setting two rotation directions or Hard Drop.

  6. also let's keep in mind that the @tgm_series twitter account posted something in february about trying to verify who owns the arcade licence or something like that according to auto-translate
  7. Zaphod77

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    OH REALLY???

    The normal mega drive tetris is this
    and it most certainly is NOT a real clone of arcade tetris... No poweron pattern here.

    but you are right. the mega drive mini appears to have a proper port of sega arcade tetris (!).

    i remember someone else making a sega tetris ROM port for mega drive on these forums...


    did Sega themselves actually take the source and polish that port? I'm beginning to think they TOTALLY did. :) (well, it IS their game, so...)
  8. The port was done by M2, who have already ported the game to PS2. I'm assuming they already had some version of the code, either their own or the original from Sega. As you may know, when they ported the game to one of the other arcade platforms, no source was given and the programmer only had a vhs tape as reference to recreate the game... or something along those lines... So it's possible that M2 had to reverse engineer the game originally.
  9. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    yeah sega has been known to do crazy stuff. like an entirely new system 16 port of fantasy zone 2, so they might have reinvented the wheel all on their own. but is does look pretty darn similar. :)
  10. That port was, coincidentally, also created by M2.

    Segatet was also a System16 board, which uses a 68000 CPU, similar to the MegaDrive, so making a direct port really shouldn't be too difficult, especially for a game that really does zero hardware-specific tricks, like raster effects or scaling, and such. You still need some kind of disassembly, but that really shouldn't be too hard, especially for a team like M2.

    Using the PS2 source and reverse engineering that back into 68k code would definitely be a roundabout way of doing things, when most of the game logic could just be re-used completely as-is.
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  11. Zaphod77

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    so apparently we ARE getting the sega tetris port after all in the usa with the genesis mini,along with the new Darius. for the first time, sega tetris is going to be sold in the USA.

    now question is will it have the poweron pattern? :)

  12. Mihara just tweeted about getting a TAP hoodie (no word on where he got it from), remarking he "might wear it tomorrow". Looks sick honestly
  13. He made it as a test print. He wants to use it as a tournament prize if it's possible to arrange for it.
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  14. Zaphod77

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    hmm. maybe the genesis sega tetris was based in part on the earlier port here?

    the Darius port was is actually based off of an earlier fan port, it turns out (though pretty sure it was improved by M2).
  15. I would hope they didn't use my Genesis port of Sega's arcade Tetris. It's rather poorly optimized, though they might've borrowed the randomizer. It's public domain, so they don't have to credit me.
  16. Zaphod77

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    i have no doubt it was optimized. but i think it was at least inspired by that port. i intend to get that console, if only to get that rom. :)
  17. Zaphod77

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    Okay i have bought the console. i'm pretty convinced it's a new port, due to the lack of the poweron pattern.

    the control is perfect, and it does indeed contain the promised options to enable cw rotation and hard drop.

    you can reliably piano the three rotation buttons to get a cw rotation. I have confirmed that the piece sequence is fixed at game start, same as teh actual arcade version, but do not know if it loops at 1000 pieces.

    it' just as annoying, though. can and will hand out insanely long repeat sequences.

    anyway it' s a valid platform in my opinion for the sega tetris records thread, if played on default options.

    can someone better than me please buy this and try to see if it loops the sequence? :)

    It has a new title screen with a 2019 copyright, and mentioning tetris holdings, and sega.

    SO it's official. TGM0 has been licensed. in the USA. Now if we can get TGM1 or TAP next.

    interestingly enough in two player mode both players get the same sequence. this isn't a surprise. what IS one is that as long as both don't game over at the same time, the sequence will repeat next game! And, strangely enough, this behavior is accurate to the arcade! (just tested this in mame) as long as two players are playing and they both don't get a gameover at the same time, the piece sequence repeats for each new game started.

    m2 really seems to know their stuff. :)
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  18. I have to wonder if the Tetris game runs on a Sega System C emulator, rather than a true Genesis/Megadrive emulator; the System C, though based on the Genesis/Megadrive, supports more simultaneous colors, and I remember running up against color limitations for my clone (thus the basic block graphics). If that's the case, then M2 might have used the System C code from Bloxeed to make the Mini's version of Tetris, which, if it's a System C game, can't work on original Genesis hardware.

    The Tetris game might even be a native game, and not even running under an emulator.
  19. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    well if the rom itself got dumped someone who knows more than me can probably answer. There's definitely new code in this port to handle the options screen.
  20. It's supposed to be a brand new port of the game to Genesis, in the same way that Darius is.
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