Mainz - May. 19-22. 2017

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  1. I am doing a Tetris Meeting at my place in Mainz (Germany). Its planned in May starting at the 19th until the 22nd. Its also possible to arrive on the 18th, but only in the very late evening, as I have to work that day. Depending on how many people want to join I can also offer a spot to sleep at my place if you bring an air matress and sleeping bag. Don't know yet which hardware will be there, depends on who exactly will bring what stuff. I'm almost certainly have a SNes Tetris, TAP, Ti (some kind of ;) and a Switch with Puyo Puyo Tetris (demo or full version I don't know yet). I also hope to have the 29" CRT I try to get for next Eindhoven meeting, but I already have two 21" and a 14". If you are interested or need more details, let me know!
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  2. I can confirm I will have the 29" CRT for the meeting ready (it is a Sony Trinitron). We are probably gonna hook it up to qlex TAP PCB.
  3. Great that you are hosting an event. Would love to join, but unfortunately won't be able to. Make sure you stream it !
  4. I am probably going to set up a small stream with just a webcam, but its unlikely I am going to capture gameplay footage.
  5. We are going to stream some games this weekend, there is a test video at
    of the quality I am going to achieve.
  6. The stream is running now!
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  7. Just got home. It was a great meeting, TGGC, thanks for hosting it!

    My only minor complaint is that I've apparently been cheated out of the tournament :V

    I clearly finished first and the calculation of the difference of handicaps afterwards said otherwise, because Qlex-san messed up his start.
    Edit: But maybe you're supposed to go by the calculation and not real time, in which case, never mind.
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  8. I guess what everyone remembers from this weekend is クリームソーダ (Kurīmu Sōda) :biggrin:
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  9. Muf


    I enjoyed being part of a TC meeting without having to organise it immensely! Although I did have to bring a few things and inevitably forgot some things which resulted in some inevitable afro-engineering :awe:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again in September! :D
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  10. I just had a look at the twitch archive, looked like a great meeting ! Some very nice runs in there =)
  11. I am going to makes some highlights as soon as possible to find the good things. Especially the tournament and some good performances. I know there is sub 8 M run TAP Master and a Secret Grade S7 in there at the very least.
  12. I matched up with you on puyopuyotetris ranked yesterday ... if it was really you and not somebody else over there :confused:
    next time (if there is ever going to be another meeting) I'll come too!
  13. Hi, found your friend invitation! Say thanks to steadshot for pushing my account to the level we could even be matched. ;)
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