Magfest 9

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by mikehaggar, 17 Jan 2011.

  1. So MAGfest finished yesterday. I had a blast! I brought TAP there and set it up in one of the many candies there....I didn't think any players from here would be there but to my surprise two people from TC turned up and of them nailed about 750 on TAP death there! Also, lots of people seemed to enjoy the game and it had a lot of use while hooked up.

    Notable shmups that were hooked up...Mushihimesama Futari Black Label, Mushihimesama, ESPGaluda II, ESPRade, [noparse]DDP:DFK[/noparse], Ibara Black Label, ProGear no Arashi, Pink Sweets, Muchi Muchi Pork, a Parodius game, Border Down...

    It was prety damn awesome!

    I hope to bring TAP again next year, and I hope more of you go! It's nonstop gaming and gaming related music, so I think many people here would have enjoyed it....I think about 3000 people went this year so it was a huge success!
  2. Hmm, if you post a reminder next year I may just go.
  3. I went to IV and VI. Maybe I'll go next year if cabs will positively be there.
  4. cabs have been there for the last 3 years, and the dudes that bring them from the shmups forum say they is returning next year for sure!
  5. Oh wow, this sounds tight... I'll have my TGM1 board by then if it would be possible to bring that somehow XD
  6. I have TGM1 also....I didn't bring it because there are only a certain number of cabs (especially horizontal setups), so I was sure they wouldn't be cool with two tetris games hooked up at once (even TAP couldn't be hooked up at all was there for about a day and a half).

    Do you use a supergun? You could totally bring that and hook it up on one of the tvs there!
  7. Damn, I wish I could have gone then. Would've been awesome.
  8. I'll have my supergun over the summer, so it'll work out, I guess... But yeah, even if time could be split between TGM1/TAP that would also be pretty cool.
  9. Bring it againnnnnnn.
  10. So who's planning to go this year? It would be my first ever Tetris meet.
  11. I won't be there, but there's actually a chance that my music will be featured in the ThaSauce panel, I hear, since I'm pretty well-known in their weekly One Hour Compos. xD
  12. I'll be there again (already got my tickets!), and i can bring TAP board once again (as well as TGM1 if there's interest) guys should come down! It's a hell of a weekend!
  13. Magfest is Thursday - Sunday! Who here is going? Me and 2 others are looking for a 4th person to share our room.....hit me up if you are going and want the benefit of sharing a room and saving money. And yes, I am bringing TGM2 and Mr. Driller G PCB's....not sure about I hope some of the candy cab people can give these games some love and install them temporarily like they did last year!

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