MAGFest 2017

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by JBroms, 10 Dec 2016.

  1. So it's almost time for the greatest gaming event on the face of planet Earth, MAGFest.

    Not entirely sure if we'll have it for the entire weekend, but TAP has been confirmed to have a spot in a candy cab at the event. I'm bringing all 3 PCB's down, and @KevinDDR will definitely have a supergun, so there will definitely be TGM all weekend. Who else is ready for some doubles action?

    Confirmed Attendees:

    Other potential Attendees:

    Did I forget anyone? Anyone else attending? Possibly even NES players?
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  2. I just registered my badge.
  3. My man!
    You ready to sub-5 this time?
  4. In doubles, with you? Let's do it.
  5. In case anyone somehow hasn't heard, the plan is for TAP to be in a cab on Friday and Ti to be in a cab on Saturday. I had to push to get that much cab space, but if enough people are interested we can set the game up on a supergun at some other point too.

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