Looking for Heboris sound effect files

Thread in 'Other games' started by KindlyOldMrZingleblaum, 28 Jul 2022.

  1. I hope this is allowed - I'm not asking for any copyrighted stuff, just generic sound effects.

    I've spent the last two days chasing dead links for Heboris sound packs. The version I have installed (the Raspberry Pi port) only comes with 20 of the 47 named sound effects, and most of the named ones (eg block1, block2 etc) are missing. The game isn't much fun without FX. Is there anyone who still has sound files for this game or knows where they can be found? It seems mad that it was put out with most of the sound missing and having to be plugged in separately.
  2. I believe that my fork, which I think is also a fork of that Raspberry Pi port you're using, has all the sounds. And you might want to use my fork instead of that old port, mine has a lot of improvements. I don't provide builds for Raspberry Pi right now, though.
  3. Thanks, but yours just seems to have the same 20 out of 47.

  4. From looking at some of the "original" versions of Heboris I have, none of them came with all the sound effects that the game supports. So maybe support for the extras was added, but they never bundled sound effects for the new options.

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