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  1. Hi all,

    A question for people playing TAP with a keyboard :

    Which key do you attribute to sonic drop button ?

    Here is my actual configuration (azerty keyboard) :

    LEFT -> left
    RIGHT -> right
    DOWN -> soft drop
    not defined -> sonic drop
    W -> a
    X-> b
    C -> c

    I hesitate between SPACE BAR ou SHIFT for sonic drop but maybe you know a better configuration ?!

    Thanks ! ;)
  2. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Yeah, get a joystick! :p

    But seriously, I think most keyboard players here use UP for sonic drop, so that they can perform a quick "up-down" in a single motion by sliding their middle finger from the UP key to the DOWN key. But a lot depends on the shape and action of your keyboard keys, and the structure of your hands and fingers. Just go with whatever feels comfortable to you.
  3. Yeah, if you're not going to change any of the other controls then the only logical button to use for sonic drop would be the up key.
  4. Thanks for your replies Edo and Rosti !
    Ok i will try "scratching" UP and DOWN with my middle finger (poor keyboard ! ^^ )
  5. Poor keyboard? Poor finger! :p I've done TGM2+ Master GM on keyboard this way, and -- trust me -- the keyboard holds up just fine. :)
  6. Poor finger? Poor keyboard! :p
  7. In the battle of Kitaru's middle finger vs. Apple m7803 USB keyboard, the finger has clearly lost; I have developed a small lump on the base joint of the finger that I presume is the result of constant, aggressive drop-locking. I'd rather not press onward to see if it is possible to afflict oneself with trigger finger by playing Tetris, so I now mostly restrict keyboard play to 20G, 40 Lines, multiplayer, and other game modes that don't feature the firm drop -> manual lock input. :V
  8. I have a scissor-switch laptop keyboard, and so far I've never had issues with either my finger or the keyboard itself.
  9. I've always used my middle finger for up/s and my index for down/x. Same thing whenever I used to type the "ed" digraph using qwerty (but i use colemak 90% of the time now). I've never even considered doing the slide thing; it feels too uncontrolled (though that's probably just because i'm not used to it). It does certainly feel like it would make you a lot more susceptible to awkwardness when playing with other keyboards though (imagining a standard keyboard versus one of these silly super-flat macbookpro ones like i'm typing on right now).

    on a different note, i've never gotten finger ailments from tetris but i have from speedcubing.
  10. It might feel uncontrolled if you're using WASD, but it's less of an issue with the arrow keys because there's nothing below down.
  11. ah, good point, makes more sense in my head now.

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