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  1. The latest version is Keyblox v1.07, released on 6/12/10

    Merry Christmas, tetrisconcept!

    I've been working on this for a while, and it's finally ready for release.


    KeyBlox is a clone that features both Typomino and Typing Tetromino input methods, as well as a number of other neat features, such as Practice mode, which lets you undo your last piece drop. (meant to ease the ridiculously hard learning curve of the controls, which can be extremely confusing at first)

    KeyBlox is also cross-platform - there are versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X!

    More info and download link here:

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    Works great and looks very good. This will be a useful practice tool indeed. As soon as I can I will clear Typomino 40 lines next year. Don't expect any real competition though. ^^
  4. Hah! I love it! :biggrin: Though... this will defiantly take some practice.
  5. thanks ^^;
  6. Version 1.01 released!

    -Now tries to change the current directory to the executable directory before loading resources. This should hopefully prevent relative path issues.
    -2 minute mode now plays the "hurry up" sound at 10 seconds left. (40 lines still plays it at 5 lines remaining)
    -New randomizer added: I-Cheat (only gives you I pieces =P)
    -Fixed bug where the shutdown sound was still played when escape was pressed at the main menu, despite sound being disabled
    -Added a menu choice to reset all settings to their defaults
    -Added a menu choice to export settings to KeyBlox.ini. Settings are automatically loaded the next time KeyBlox is run.
    -Changed color of the info text on the options screen to set it apart better
    -Compacted options screen greatly in order to make room for additional options
    -Hold can now be disabled entirely
    -Number of piece previews can now be changed from 0 to 10
    -Miniscule adjustment to the key legend on the bottom of the playfield to make it more centered.
    -Menus now wrap around
    -Big mode implemented! (5x10 playfield)
  7. Heya DDRKirby(ISQ), I've got a neat feature idea. One thing that bugs me about these typing tetris games is that the pieces pop into place. I think it would be pretty cool if instead they animated into place. You might even have to buffer a piece if you place the next one while a piece is moving. Or maybe they could both move through the playfield at once? That sounds pretty badass. Maybe you could animate them a little slower than TAS perfection just so 2 pieces could move at once like that.

    Just an idea to try, anyhow.
  8. but when you hard drop in other games (TGM, Tetris DS, Tetris friends, etc) it appears instantly! =/
    How fast of an animation are we talking about, like soft-drop speeds? Or like on the order of a few frames?

    Besides, the whole -point- of typomino is to achieve TAS perfection ;)
  9. It's not the hard dropping that bugs me, it's the lack of left/right movement. I'm talking about spawning the piece and animating it to it's destination as if it's being fully played out. Oh and if it wasn't clear, I also mean doing more than just 0G.
  10. ahhh. i see now. didn't think about it that way. i suppose it might be doable. though it would look weird for deep drop ^^;
  11. nice work from the stanford tetris research institute.
  12. Is hold ever needed in a game that uses deep drop?
  13. it's not "needed", but i find that it really helps for making quick strings of placements without thinking.
  14. Version 1.02 released!
    This version fixes a completely benign issue, but also adds Mac OS X support. Get it at the KeyBlox page.
  15. Awesome, a Mac version. I've never seriously tried Typomino or Typing Tetromino because they didn't have Mac versions.

    Is there supposed to be no way to top out? With deep drop and undo turned off, that makes it possible to get stuck in an un-endable game.
  16. Yeah, that's the way it is right now. That's essentially "game over" if you get stuck. I mean, I could make it explicitly say that you can't make any valid moves, but that would be the same thing anyways ^^;
  17. Ah, I just noticed that the game doesn't actually end when you make it to 40 lines, either. I guess that's intentional.

    Any plans to add a screenshot key, or should we just rely on our operating systems?
  18. Yeah, the game not ending is a bit of a silly "feature". You'll notice that none of the statistics change, and no lines will clear either. xD So you can just asdfhgjklhdfjlk; after you win, if you like to.

    Screenshot key is a good idea, I might look into that for the next release.

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