KAN coming to france - meeting possibility on MARCH 22-23

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by K, 30 Jan 2013.

  1. K


    KAN confirmed he will come to France during his vacation, he will be available for 2 days, and plan to come to Strasbourg !

    If people are interested to come to my place on MARCH 22-23 they are all welcome ! :awe:
  2. I will of course be there :) :) :) :) :) :)

    PS: does this mean he won't be able to be in Rennes in april for the Stunfest ?
  3. COL


    c'est vendredi-samedi n'est-ce pas
  4. K


    oui mais vous pouvez rester plus longtemps ou venir plus tot si vous voulez !
    je prendrais congé en conséquence

    people can comer early or stay longer. I'll take day off, no problem but tell me early.
  5. [​IMG]

    I will come!
  6. Muf


    €68 to be able to see Kan for just one day... :'(
  7. I missed a day of Outside Lands to see him. Stop complaining. :p
  8. Sorry, going to i48...
  9. Mmmm, interesting...
    How much could cost a trip from Argentina to France???... xD :p hahaha
  10. Sorry, I can meet him everyday for a the cost of a train ticket, I guess I won't join us :p
  11. K


    Kan is asking if it would be better to meet in Paris or strasbourg...
    unless someone can welcome us in Paris ?

    need confirmation dudes ? more people decided to come ?
    c'mon muf :V
  12. If the meeting is in Paris, I will definitely be part of the party, for sure ! :)

    The good part of Paris, is the game center "Arcade Street".
    I'm pretty sure someone could bring a PCB of TGM to play it there.
    May be it would even be possible to ask to the manager of Arcade street to organize a special event for this ?
  13. I'll see what I can do, but it's not set.
  14. COL


    I can come. (although i prefer Paris). count me in
  15. It unfortunately won't be possible, unless he magically decides to come to Grenoble =)

    In this case, I take it we're supposed to go to Strasbourg? Please confirm it, as I should buy the tickets for it.
  16. K


    yeah it's simply at strasbourg ! 22 and 23
  17. interested, for the 23 :$
  18. Booked my tickets guys. Get hyped!
  19. K


    just to inform about some details :
    there is enough place to hold people on my appartment, but there is only one bed that i'll clearly give to KAN,
    so all other people will have to bring a sleeping bag, and floor carpet :D
    but i know it's not a big deal for stacking hardcore people :D

    btw i also got my streaming set up to work at :


    starting test again in 5 min..
  20. K


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